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Hand Printed Tea Towels

We’ve always been a family of people who love dish towels.
My mom can’t leave a craft fair without loading up all the embroidered tea towels and then slowly working her way through them at home.
They’re handy! And the cuter they are, the more fun they are to use.

So, that’s our project plan for February! Hand printed tea towels will make your kitchen a little bit brighter.
Join us on February 24th – from 1-5 PM at Three Kings Tavern for some serious hand printing of your own designs!

This project is $20! And we ask that you pre-register for the event via this link so that we can have all the materials ready for you.

We’ll provide three white tea towels, craft foam to create your very own stamps, and fabric paint. You can go wild decorating and when you’re done, you can take home your pieces and use them or share them as gifts (because they make perfect gifts)!

Hope to see you there!

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Sweater Chains and DIY Collars

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Sometimes hanging with a small group of Ninjas is the best!
You get the chance to know each other and craft together – the laughter comes easy, the talk is fun, and you walk away feeling like you made new friends.
At least that’s how I felt after our Sweater Chain/DIY Collar project.

The crew was small, the bloody marys were delicious, and we mastered some jewelry making skills and got to play with beads and buttons.
Couldn’t get a better Sunday than that!

Sweater Chains are crazy cute and, even with some trial and error, I think everyone walked out with a finished piece that they loved. And the DIY Collars were fun and gave everyone a chance to customize and embellish their collar! We all agreed pouring over buttons and beads is a blast – sparkly and inspiring!

Thanks to the mostly new Ninjas that showed up! There were a few regulars though and they make such a good ambassadors for newbies – always friendly and welcoming!

As usual, thanks to Three Kings – They let us play our music, they run out for lightbulbs for us, and they generally do their best to make us feel at home!

Now, you Ninjas stay tuned! We have all kinds of great things coming up in February and we’d love to see you!

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Denver Craft Ninjas 3rd Annual Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

We’re at it again! The 3rd Annual Denver Craft Ninjas Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls!

Denver Craft Ninjas is proud to offer this super fun event again this year! Dia de los Muertos, usually celebrated on November 2nd, is a day to honor those who have passed on before us. We want to be a part of your celebration and get crafty together!

Here’s the deal: Same as last year, we’re cranking out, assembly line style, a pile of sugar skulls…we’ll bring them to you and you will, in turn, decorate the skulls (with royal icing, feathers, flowers, glitter, etc.) and take them home to decorate your space, place on the grave of a beloved friend or family member, or create a Dia de los Muertos altar!


October 28th, 2012

What you bring:

SNACKS, a little dough for a cocktail or soda, and you!

What we’ll provide:

Sugar skulls – 2 per person (1 large & 1 medium sized), royal icing, decorations, and tools, etc.

What it costs:


We’re handmaking the skulls ahead of time and want to make enough for everyone!
Please use this link to register and reserve your sugar skulls.

We’ll be at our old stand-by, Three Kings Tavern, from 1-5 PM. Costumes encouraged! Also, KIDDOS WELCOME!

We’re so proud to offer this event and hope that you’ll bring your friends and family for an afternoon of decorating and celebrating!

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Ninja Catch-Up! Sea Pennies, Yelp, and More!

There are no excuses for not keeping up with this blog.
So, I’ll just say that the Denver Craft Ninjas have been busy. Crazy busy, really!

Photo courtesy of Nicole Honner Hess

First, I’ve got to talk about our crochet project!
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with Kelli Petersen from Bitter O’Clock. If you don’t know Kelli, she’s the sweetest, most talented lady out there and her fine crochet work at Bitter O’Clock is wonderfully complex and humorous. The lady has skills and she was a perfect person to ask to help with a crochet project for Denver Craft Ninjas. Continue reading

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Crazy Mae’s – Cookie Decorating

This time of year we all want to break out our cookie decorating chops and really do something flashy and fun…
You know, not just a butter knife and some store bought icing!

So, Amber Powell, the brains behind vegan bakery Crazy Mae’s, is going to school us proper on some fancy cookie decorating techniques.
Flood work, how to handle icing & sanding sugars, marbling, wielding a pastry bag all professional like with piping tips!

We’ll also have a little decoration station to make a special Denver Craft Ninjas ornament before you head off into the holiday season!

This project is $10! That’s it! Great instruction from a seasoned baker and fun with your friends and takes place on December 11th, 2011 at Three Kings.
DEADLINE FOR RSVP is December 9th, 2011!!

Same drill as always – you bring you, a friend, something snacky (preferably savory – there will be a lot of cookies laying around) and a little dough for drinks from the fine folks at Three Kings!

But the season is about so much more than cookies and ornaments!
That’s why we’re teaming up with Safehouse Denver to do a little donation drive!

Safehouse Denver works with local women and children who are victims of domestic violence.
And they need so many things to keep their operations rolling for the families they work with.
Think about the sundries that you need to get through a month! Clothing, hygiene & beauty, house stuff, office supplies!
And kids need that and more! Clothes, diapers, art supplies, toys!

When you join us, we ask that you bring one or two items that you think might make a difference. It doesn’t have to be new…
Spread the word – we need all the help we can get!
Let’s pitch in to give back to the Denver community and share a little holiday cheer together!

If you have questions, please contact us on our Facebook event page or via email – denvercraftninjas@gmail.com

Can’t wait to see you, Ninjas!

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Bottle Cap Jewelry!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know this is late!
But I have a really decent excuse.

Denver Craft Ninjas is growing. It’s sort of amazing how it’s taken on a life of its own and become something so fun and inclusive.
And the distraction from blogging is directly related to the growth!
We have folks in the Denver community reaching out to us with project ideas, collaborations, and prospective adventures! How lucky!
Truly, I hope you’ll stay tuned to what’s coming this summer because we’ve got some really wonderful stuff cooking for you!

And the reason we’re becoming more visible is because of you. I meet new ladies every month who surprise me with their courage, their enthusiasm, and their willingness to dive in with strangers.
And the best part is that these ladies always seem to leave with new friends, an achy belly from laughter, and something cool and handmade in their hot little paws.
It’s inspiring and keeps me focused on making Denver Craft Ninjas happen every single month!

For our bottle cap jewelry project, we teamed up with Sterling Harris.
Since the moment Sterling moved to Denver, she’s been ready to pitch in with Denver Craft Ninjas.
It’s so nice when someone wants to take on the job of teaching a new skill and is invested in getting involved.

And Sterling ruled it with this project! Continue reading

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Paste Paper with Laughing Mouse Press

Crafting can be revolutionary.
It’s true!
There are skills that one can have in their repertoire that can come  in handy for making a difference.

We like to think that every getdown the Denver Craft Ninjas have leads to a new skill, an exciting obsession, a committed hobby!  That, in and of itself, is a revolutionary thing!

Spencer Keralis, of Laughing Mouse Press, considers paste paper and book binding “technologies”.  We met up on Sunday, at Three Kings’ Phoenix Gallery, and Spencer taught us the application of a practical skill – a technology – that has historical roots in revolution!

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Continue reading


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