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Hand Printed Tea Towels

We’ve always been a family of people who love dish towels.
My mom can’t leave a craft fair without loading up all the embroidered tea towels and then slowly working her way through them at home.
They’re handy! And the cuter they are, the more fun they are to use.

So, that’s our project plan for February! Hand printed tea towels will make your kitchen a little bit brighter.
Join us on February 24th – from 1-5 PM at Three Kings Tavern for some serious hand printing of your own designs!

This project is $20! And we ask that you pre-register for the event via this link so that we can have all the materials ready for you.

We’ll provide three white tea towels, craft foam to create your very own stamps, and fabric paint. You can go wild decorating and when you’re done, you can take home your pieces and use them or share them as gifts (because they make perfect gifts)!

Hope to see you there!

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Denver Craft Ninjas Domino Pendants!

Jewelry always brings ladies out of the woodwork!

Some may be interested in learning to make it, but a lot are excited about wearing it! I’m guilty as the next lady…I love me some sparkles! Our pendant project brought a lot of enthusiasm out of Craft Ninjas this month…so much so that we had inquiries on tutorials and materials.

We’re always psyched to share our ideas with you. A big part of learning about a project is teaching it and I learned so much from all of you!

Take a look at the photos to see all the lovely, hard working Ninjas that came to our domino pendant project! Also, peep their fine handy work! They’re all amazing pendant makers. It’s just a fact.
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