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DIY Halloween Headbands with arc Thrift Stores

arc Thrift Store Blog


Know what’s fun?
Getting together with your friends (at Share Denver) and DIYing your buns off!

Thankfully, my friends Shaun and Amber are always game to do something fun! And I’m always appreciative of their creativity and skill.
This time, we got together for a great opportunity to be the first guest blogger on the arc Thrift Stores new blog!

Click here for a super easy and fun couple of DIY Halloween Headband projects!

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Artopia: Stamp Making

So, unless you’ve had your head in a hole, you know we’ve been asked to be a part of this Artopia thing!
Tomorrow, South Broadway will be packed to the gills with people checking out all the finest things Denver has to offer! You’ll see “visual artists, local fashion, culinary creations, specialty cocktails” as well as artists, musicians and performers – the vibe is going to be an exciting melange (yep, just used melange) of stuff that makes our city so amazing to live in!

We’re pretty honored to be mixed in with all this goodness! And we wracked our brains trying to come up with something fun that Artopia goers could get into whilst roaming about the venues.

STAMP MAKING! It was actually our crafty and artistic friend Shaun’s idea! So we went about putting together a variety of different styles of making and playing with stamps. We had a lot of fun experimenting and think you should try these techniques at your house.

Check out our little tutorial video here:

We’ll be bringing our best stamping game to you tomorrow! We’ll have the styles of the stamping/printing techniques you saw in the video and we’ll be encouraging you to try them out by making notes to pass around Artopia or, if you’re lucky, we’ll gift you with a tiny tote that you can decorate and put your Artopia essentials in!

Come get your hands dirty and get to know us!

And special thanks to Amber Powell and Shaun Asakura for contributing their time and sense of humor to this event!
They’re good people who both happen to be very good looking!

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DCN 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

Well, it’s a tradition now! Dia de los Muertos is a celebration with family and friends to honor those that have passed. And Denver Craft Ninjas came together for a colorful afternoon of revelry and creativity – our second year!

The first step is always the making of the sugar skulls and it’s always a quality crew of committed Ninjas and supporters that sign up for some serious manual labor.
Fueled by a little box wine and some fancy, delicious pizzas from Hops and Pie, we were able to crank out almost 200 small and large sugar skulls – just enough for all our attendees and then some!
Super special thanks to Amber & Shaun for opening their home to us for our sugar skull assembly line and thanks to Sarah, Tim, and Kendra for being our valuable team of sugar skull making assistants!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Yelp’s Monster Mash Up!

The first snow of the season didn’t keep Yelpers from checking out the scene down at Casselman’s for Yelpapalooza!
And it’s a good thing it didn’t – there was so much awesome food, drink, and entertainment that it would have been a shame to miss it!

The Denver Craft Ninjas booth got a lot of attention too. We cranked out hundreds of fancy mustaches on sticks and fancy bow ties that the whole room was filled to the brim with dapper folks lookin’ fly with our special Ninja accessories.

For proof take a look at Yelp’s blog here and their Flickr pages here, here, and here for all the good lookin’ faces of the event!
And that last link has all the photobooth pics with lots of good mustache action.

Really, though, the Denver Craft Ninjas would be absolutely nothing without our volunteers.
Our friends Maura and Amber really came through for us. They worked the glue guns like nobody’s business and made masterful bow ties that adorned ladies and gentlemen throughout the evening. Their tireless efforts, in spite of gluing their fingers to tables and fabric, is so deeply appreciated. They made the Denver Craft Ninjas look good and for that we say thank you so very much!

Shaun Asakura was also there lending a hand and he documented the event via video. We so proud to show Shaun’s work and want to say thanks to Shaun too for being a breath of fresh air and friendly support to the Denver Craft Ninja efforts!

Yelpapalooza was a blast and we’re honored to share the evening with all the great vendors, particularly Eden, who shared their delectable goodies with us!
Thanks for the opportunity Yelp! Let’s hang out again sometime!

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Bottle Cap Jewelry!

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know this is late!
But I have a really decent excuse.

Denver Craft Ninjas is growing. It’s sort of amazing how it’s taken on a life of its own and become something so fun and inclusive.
And the distraction from blogging is directly related to the growth!
We have folks in the Denver community reaching out to us with project ideas, collaborations, and prospective adventures! How lucky!
Truly, I hope you’ll stay tuned to what’s coming this summer because we’ve got some really wonderful stuff cooking for you!

And the reason we’re becoming more visible is because of you. I meet new ladies every month who surprise me with their courage, their enthusiasm, and their willingness to dive in with strangers.
And the best part is that these ladies always seem to leave with new friends, an achy belly from laughter, and something cool and handmade in their hot little paws.
It’s inspiring and keeps me focused on making Denver Craft Ninjas happen every single month!

For our bottle cap jewelry project, we teamed up with Sterling Harris.
Since the moment Sterling moved to Denver, she’s been ready to pitch in with Denver Craft Ninjas.
It’s so nice when someone wants to take on the job of teaching a new skill and is invested in getting involved.

And Sterling ruled it with this project! Continue reading

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Paste Paper with Laughing Mouse Press

Crafting can be revolutionary.
It’s true!
There are skills that one can have in their repertoire that can come  in handy for making a difference.

We like to think that every getdown the Denver Craft Ninjas have leads to a new skill, an exciting obsession, a committed hobby!  That, in and of itself, is a revolutionary thing!

Spencer Keralis, of Laughing Mouse Press, considers paste paper and book binding “technologies”.  We met up on Sunday, at Three Kings’ Phoenix Gallery, and Spencer taught us the application of a practical skill – a technology – that has historical roots in revolution!

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