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Crafty Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Thanksgiving is actually a really great time to think about the crafters and artisans that you know. And I happen to be lucky enough to know A LOT of really talented, up and coming folks that are creating and sharing their work.
And for that, I’m thankful. It’s a huge risk to take your labor of love and expose it to the world! It’s hard to invite people to see your work and possibly critique your work. But it’s bold attempts that allow for real growth.

With Colorado Creative right around the corner, I wanted to talk up a lot of my favorite local businesses and local crafters and artisans that you should consider when purchasing gifts this holiday season.
It’s so much more than just the empty sentiment of “shop local” when you know crafters personally – when you know their kids, their partners, and know their passion. Buying local means more when you know how much is mixed up in the process of creating.

Consider this when you buy your gifts this year and, really, all the time.
Below, we’ve listed some of our faves and we hope that you might list some of your own! Do it! In the comments!

Local Business:
Wild Yarns
Ink Lounge
Fabric Bliss
Low Brow
Pandora on the Hill
The Colorado Bead Company

Horns Up Knits
Bitter O’Clock
Donna Diddit
Teeter Totter Tot
Mama Zshanna
Lucid Weaves
Anne Franklin Designs

Nom Pod

Happy Accident
Sailor Made Goods

Some of these folks will be at Colorado Creative! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for December 9th!
We’re thankful that Denver has such an exciting and diverse collection of risk takers and makers!
Happy shopping!


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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Pandora on the Hill Presents Colorado Creative

We’re REALLY excited about Colorado Creative!
What is it, you ask? It’s an exciting collaboration that Denver Craft Ninjas are working on with Pandora on the Hill.
Pandora is one of our favorite stores in Denver. Their location in Cap Hill is in the heart of the city and it’s practically an institution of taste and whimsical fun!
We’re big fans! And teaming up with them is a dream come true!

This collaboration gives us the divine opportunity to use the Tears McFarlane Mansion for a holiday craft gathering on December 9th from 2:00-7:00 PM with a great variety of crafters, artisans, and vintage experts!
We’ll be celebrating with cookies, hot cocoa, and mulled wine and creating an ideal shopping environment for handmade goodies and vintage treasures!

We’re so thrilled to be sharing this event with the community and are anxious to include as many diverse vendors as we can! If you’re new to the craft scene and want to test the waters or are a seasoned craft show professional…WE WANT YOU!
Our booth rates are so reasonably priced and the location is too dreamy to deny!
Contact us at denvercraftninjas [at] gmail.com or call Pandora at (303) 832-7073 to get information and an application! Our deadline is the 15th of November – JUMP ON IT!

Not only are the Denver Craft Ninjas excited to work with Pandora, but we’re thrilled to team up with crafters and artisans in our community who inspire us.
Please follow us on Facebook for updates about our vendors and information about the event as it develops!


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