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Crafty Goods – 6/6/14


It’s Friday and there’s tons to celebrate this weekend! Let’s get to it!

-I’m so excited to be hosting Share Denver‘s first ever Etsy Craft Party tonight!
Come embroider and embellish vintage photos – you can use some of ours or you can bring your own! We’ll have beer too!
I mean, it couldn’t be a better arrangement!
Grab a spot here or just drop in for $5 at the door! It’s gonna be a blast!

Rakun is celebrating their birthday today! Go visit them and participate in all kinds of fun things & opportunities to win goodies! Learn more here.

-Those sweeties at Lowbrow Denver are having their annual Birthday Toy Show! Go drink a beer on them, check out the art, and buy a glitter marker or two!

-Tomorrow is Share Denver Teacher Training!
All are welcome to drop by to learn more about what it takes to be a part of our stellar gaggle of teachers – it starts at 10:00 AM and won’t take too long, I promise! Come learn more!

– Our friends Ink Lounge are celebrating their grand re-opening in their new space and I’m psyched beyond belief for them! They’re going to have all kinds of fun stuff – fox themed screen print exhibit by more than 24 local artists, kids t-shirt printing, screen print demonstrations, live music, and food vendors! Hit up this link for more info!

-Fave dude Brian Corrigan’s amazing project OH HECK YEAH is finally opening this weekend, you guys! I just think Brian hung the moon and he’s been working so hard on this totally insane immersive street arcade! Yep! Downtown streets turned into video games for your playing pleasure! Just go check it out and be a part of it all!

-And finally, the People’s Fair is happening this weekend! Wander over to Cap Hill and take part in all the madness of this annual street fair! With music, performers, arts and crafts, stuff for kids, a wine pavilion (!!!), and food trucks & concessions, you’ll feel like you got a little piece of everything that Denver has to offer!

Get outside and explore your city, the creatives, the small businesses, the real heart of this amazing city!
See you soon, I hope!

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Crafty Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Thanksgiving is actually a really great time to think about the crafters and artisans that you know. And I happen to be lucky enough to know A LOT of really talented, up and coming folks that are creating and sharing their work.
And for that, I’m thankful. It’s a huge risk to take your labor of love and expose it to the world! It’s hard to invite people to see your work and possibly critique your work. But it’s bold attempts that allow for real growth.

With Colorado Creative right around the corner, I wanted to talk up a lot of my favorite local businesses and local crafters and artisans that you should consider when purchasing gifts this holiday season.
It’s so much more than just the empty sentiment of “shop local” when you know crafters personally – when you know their kids, their partners, and know their passion. Buying local means more when you know how much is mixed up in the process of creating.

Consider this when you buy your gifts this year and, really, all the time.
Below, we’ve listed some of our faves and we hope that you might list some of your own! Do it! In the comments!

Local Business:
Wild Yarns
Ink Lounge
Fabric Bliss
Low Brow
Pandora on the Hill
The Colorado Bead Company

Horns Up Knits
Bitter O’Clock
Donna Diddit
Teeter Totter Tot
Mama Zshanna
Lucid Weaves
Anne Franklin Designs

Nom Pod

Happy Accident
Sailor Made Goods

Some of these folks will be at Colorado Creative! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for December 9th!
We’re thankful that Denver has such an exciting and diverse collection of risk takers and makers!
Happy shopping!


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Ninjas in the News

When 5280 Magazine contacted us to talk about what we do in Denver…well, we were flabbergasted!
I mean, who knew anyone was paying attention to what we’ve been doing?
But as our good friend Spencer (that’s him in the photo) puts it, we’ve been “building a community in the basement of a bar with a bunch of tattooed ladies and glitter”.

Denver Craft Ninjas IS a community and we grow with new faces, tons of adventures, and undeniable relationships that make each meet-up more fun and rewarding.

We’re thrilled beyond belief that our first press was from such a cool magazine – even better that it features Denver grown amazingness. We’re in good company too – our friends Fabric Bliss and Ink Lounge were included in this feature.

You can read the whole piece here! Thanks, 5280 Magazine – you people are amazing!

As for the rest of you, we’ll be posting our May/June project soon!

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Ninja Catch-Up! Sea Pennies, Yelp, and More!

There are no excuses for not keeping up with this blog.
So, I’ll just say that the Denver Craft Ninjas have been busy. Crazy busy, really!

Photo courtesy of Nicole Honner Hess

First, I’ve got to talk about our crochet project!
A few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet up with Kelli Petersen from Bitter O’Clock. If you don’t know Kelli, she’s the sweetest, most talented lady out there and her fine crochet work at Bitter O’Clock is wonderfully complex and humorous. The lady has skills and she was a perfect person to ask to help with a crochet project for Denver Craft Ninjas. Continue reading

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Yelp’s Crafternoon Delight!

Did you know March is National Craft Month?!
Get out and let March be your month to experiment, try new things, and explore the crafty community that surrounds you!

Luckily, Denver has crafty in spades!
We’re so thankful to be a part of Denver’s thriving craft community. It seems we are a sliver of that delicious pie and if you aren’t partaking…you’re silly!

So, to celebrate our official holiday month, we’re teaming up with some old friends!

Yep! You read that right! We’re collaborating on THREE afternoons of cool crafty hangouts with the good people of Yelp and all kinds of great local craft brewers, wineries, and distilleries!
Oh yeah – I can’t forget the delicious food from local restaurants, music, and some photobooth action for good measure! You know; all the stuff that makes Yelp events so darn fun!

ALSO, our friends Ink Lounge are going to be doing what they do best! Schoolin’ fools on screen printing! Those two are reason enough just to drop by!

If you’d like to join us, click HERE and VERY carefully follow directions!
The event is taking place at Space Gallery on March 4th, March 11th, and March 18th from 1:00 -4:00 PM.

Each event will have its own specific craft focus so pick the one that you’d enjoy the most.
The events are FREE to Yelp members (Hey, sign up for Yelp! It’s quick, easy, and has loads of helpful information about Denver!), but don’t forget to bring the $5 suggested donation for Denver Urban Gardens!

Hope to see you at one of these events! And thanks for having us, Yelp!

Stay tuned for our March project to celebrate National Craft Month – it’s gonna be risqué!


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Denver Craft Ninjas Crafty Christmas Shopping Guide

We all know that it’s better to shop local…well, that is unless your mom, like mine, asks for a new coffee maker.
Where are all the local handmade coffee maker makers!?

So, I decided to compile a list of local crafters that I think rule the school!
Some of these folks are regular Ninjas and contribute to our group with their smiles and expertise – we’re lucky to have them!

Also, I’ll be linking some local shops where you can pick up materials for making your own handmade gifts OR buy stuff for your favorite crafter!

First, check out Amber Powell from Crazy Mae’s! Not only is she a seasoned Denver Craft Ninja, but she’s a fantastic vegan baker.
This season, she’s packaged up her favorite flavors of vegan cupcakes and she’s selling them via her Etsy shop. Um, lavender cupcake mix?! You gotta try it!
If you’d rather Amber do all the baking for you…hit her up! She does great event baking and will blow your mind with just how delish vegan can be! Continue reading


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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Ink Lounge

Last Sunday, we crept stealthy to Ink Lounge for a full on attack!

We’d been planning since 2010 to kick off the new year with some really fun new things, lots of new friends, and projects that challenged and intrigued us!

That’s where the Ink Lounge comes in!

Ink Lounge, located at 1512 S. Acoma, is the artisan passion of Nicky & Stu Alden!  Graphic designers by day, these two truly talented people created a home away from home where they can get their hands dirty with screen printing and welcome any willing learners to join them – they make their home yours!

As you can see in this amazing Denver Craft Ninjas slide show (courtesy of Shaun Asakura), the space is inspiring, the instruction is fun and informative, and good times are inevitable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Continue reading


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