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3rd Annual Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls vs. Denver Craft Ninjas

Our Dia de los Muertos sugar skull party is always a grand old time, but this year was particularly fun and looking back at the photos is a great reminder of all the sweet faces and hilarious moments we had!

There was glitter everywhere, someone sat on a pastry bag filled with blue royal icing, and there was a hipster Leonard Nimoy sugar skull. I mean, how could it get better than that.

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The nice part about this event is that we can be inclusive and share the day with kids! And man almighty, did we have some lovely princesses and sparkly costumes.
And luckily, there was a enough cupcakes and glitter to go around!

It takes a lot of hands to make a project like this happen.
We’re so appreciative to the ladies that helped make the skulls – Sarah, Maura, Mary, Jen, Dia, and Miriam. We were lucky enough to share an evening with fancy pizzas, cheap wine, and an assembly line of sugar skulls.

Also, we could never do this event without Three Kings. We worry sometimes that the glitter and feathers left behind at a project like this will cause Three Kings to give us the boot, but they’re so darn nice and supportive. We’re forever grateful!

It was a great day of tradition – Dia de los Muertos tradition and, now, Denver Craft Ninjas tradition!
And, as usual, it’s never the same without you Ninjas! Happy Halloween!

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