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Crafty Goods – 6/27/14

Crafty Goods 6/27/14

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind around the Denver Craft Ninjas/Share Denver HQ!

I went to Alt Summit (and saw Martha Stewart), celebrated a birthday, and have been non-stop working! It’s good for me! I like staying busy!

Here’s what’s happening around these parts!

-Being crafty is good for your brain! My friend Shellie sent me this great link about how textile crafts are like meditation and benefit your noggin! Know what’s great? Share Denver is offering crochet, embroidery, and cross stitch in the month of July! Come on in and get yourself a zen hobby!

Handmade Homemade is this weekend! We’re really excited about this one! Our friend Crazy Mae’s is gonna be there!
But there’s bound to be all kinds of goodies to get your paws on! Saturday the 28th at Youth on Record (1301 W. 10th – $5 donation with $1 going to Youth on Record’s Alternative Music Education Programming), you guys!

-The Denver Public Library is ALREADY accepting applications for their 2014 Paris Holiday Market! Get your act together and apply! Click here for all the details!

-Don’t forget to get in on the super fun Share Denver Happy Hour Craft happening tonight! DIY Tub Teas!
It’s a great way to kick off the weekend! A little pampering and you deserve it!

-And hey! If you’re keen on sharing some of your own skills, come to the Share Denver Teacher Training happening on July 5th! It’s a great opportunity to teach your talents, meet new people, and make a little extra scratch for summer adventures and cocktails! Get registered and I’ll show you the ropes!

Have a great weekend, you sweet Ninjas!

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Share Denver Etsy Craft Party!

Etsy Craft Party

What are you doing June 6th from 6-9 PM?

If you aren’t craftin’ at Share Denver…you’re crazy!

Share is hosting their 1st ever Etsy Craft Party and I want you to join in the fun!
The theme of the craft party is “recapture” and we’ll be using really lovely vintage photographs and floss to decorate and embellish the images . Please feel free to bring your own photos if you’d like!

We’re providing all the materials and beer too! All you have to do is sign up here (for a meager $5) and show up ready to craft and laugh and have a blast!
Hope to see you there!

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What Are You Working On?

Let’s get this week started!
It was a pretty darn productive weekend at Ninjas HQ!
And it got me thinking – I like to share what I’m working on…but what are YOU working on?

Here’s a sample of the stuff I cranked out this weekend:

Crochet Washcloth

Squirrel Cross Stitch

Brussel Sprout Embroidery
So, seriously, what are you working on?
It doesn’t have to be crafty…it can be some construction project in your backyard, the start of your garden, or starting giant pot of kimchi!
Share it here, on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and hashtag it #WAYWO

Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!


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Denver Craft Ninjas/Kunoichi Craft Events Embroidery Residency!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re still in shock about the response to our Embroidery Residency!
When we were planning this event, it seemed like a long shot, but we managed to pack Mutiny Information Cafe with lots of faces eager to learn embroidery.
Each week we included some practical information about tools, fabric, floss and instruction about specific stitches that will get any budding embroiderer on the road to being an official stitcher!
We’re proud to say that everyone walked away with skills and ambitious plans to keep their embroidery practice going.
Couldn’t ask for a better end to our embroidery adventure!

The pictures above reflect the fun we had too! Lots of laughs, funny stories about ghosts, Burger King tacos, and embroidery euphemisms galore! Every Ninja had their own take on their style of embroidery and tackled their projects with the stitches they loved. Some even drew up their very own patterns – some of them not as safe for work as others. Pretty typical Ninja event!

We couldn’t do it without Mutiny Information Cafe! Jim and Matt shared their space with us and proved (once again) their investment in the Baker neighborhood and the Denver community. Thanks to them!

We’re already cooking up a new plan for more workshops! Is there something you’ve been wanting to try? Shoot us an email or leave a comment about projects you’d like to explore!

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Sew It All Magazine – Felted Sweater Mittens!

Denver Craft Ninjas is SO proud to announce that, for the month of September, we will be teaming up with Sew It All Magazine to offer a really exciting project.

If you don’t know Sew It All Magazine, you’re missing out on their stress free approach to sewing. They want it to be easier, faster, and fun and they provide pattern free projects that release you up from stressful techniques and help you to break the rules a little. Denver Craft Ninjas love that!

Sew It All is sending over some of their best rule breakers to help us make a MITTENS from RECYCLED FELT SWEATERS! This project combines felting, sewing, hand sewing, needle felting, and embroidery! That’s a lot of wonderful things to learn in one project!Yep! We’ll be making something to keep your paws warm this winter and we only need a few things from you!

First, the date for this project is September 23rd, 2012 – from 1:00-5:00 at Three Kings and we’ve set the price at $25.00. This will cover additional expenses for embellishments that will be on hand to accesorize your project and will register you officially for this awesome workshop.Go to this link http://bit.ly/Us3NSR to register and grab your space. Keep in mind, space will be limited…so, jump on this goodie!

Second, bring a FELTED sweater. We’ll try to have some on hand for sharing and needle felting, but we want to encourage everyone to, at least, have ONE sweater that they can play with. Click here for simple directions on how to felt a sweater!

And third, and sort of most important, we need sewing machines! We’ll be working on our end to access enough machines for everyone to share, but we might need your help! If you have a machine you can donate for the day – please let us know!

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Sew It All Magazine and can’t wait to see you all in your new mittens!

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