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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. TEDxMileHigh

If you don’t follow us on social media, yesterday we announced with mucho excitement that we’ll be set up in the Exhibit Lounge at TEDxMileHigh!
We are so beyond excited to be involved with such a stellar organization that prompts inspiration from 15 thinkers and doers sharing their big ideas, their motivation, and how they moved forward to grow what they’re passionate about. The themes for the event are “values” and “instincts”.
Really, it falls in line PERFECTLY with what Denver Craft Ninjas are all about!
We’ll be setting up a button booth to inspire attendees to share their ideas about the themes of the event – we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

We really think you should grab some tickets to check out this amazing event! Click here for ticket info!
Along all the other cool Exhibit Lounge folks being featured, we hear there will be food trucks and delicious coffee…and really you can’t go wrong with any of these things!

So, grab a ticket and join us on this amazing journey to hear from and learn about the creatives in our community!

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Sweater Chains and DIY Collars

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Sometimes hanging with a small group of Ninjas is the best!
You get the chance to know each other and craft together – the laughter comes easy, the talk is fun, and you walk away feeling like you made new friends.
At least that’s how I felt after our Sweater Chain/DIY Collar project.

The crew was small, the bloody marys were delicious, and we mastered some jewelry making skills and got to play with beads and buttons.
Couldn’t get a better Sunday than that!

Sweater Chains are crazy cute and, even with some trial and error, I think everyone walked out with a finished piece that they loved. And the DIY Collars were fun and gave everyone a chance to customize and embellish their collar! We all agreed pouring over buttons and beads is a blast – sparkly and inspiring!

Thanks to the mostly new Ninjas that showed up! There were a few regulars though and they make such a good ambassadors for newbies – always friendly and welcoming!

As usual, thanks to Three Kings – They let us play our music, they run out for lightbulbs for us, and they generally do their best to make us feel at home!

Now, you Ninjas stay tuned! We have all kinds of great things coming up in February and we’d love to see you!

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