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DIY Halloween Headbands with arc Thrift Stores

arc Thrift Store Blog


Know what’s fun?
Getting together with your friends (at Share Denver) and DIYing your buns off!

Thankfully, my friends Shaun and Amber are always game to do something fun! And I’m always appreciative of their creativity and skill.
This time, we got together for a great opportunity to be the first guest blogger on the arc Thrift Stores new blog!

Click here for a super easy and fun couple of DIY Halloween Headband projects!

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Denver Craft Ninjas – Best Projects of 2012

Everyone counts down their favorites at the end of the year and we felt that we couldn’t let the 2012 slip by without mentioning our favorite projects! It’s even better when we share them with experts that bring their passion to the project!


Domino Pendants
One of the REAL hits of 2012! This project inspired Ninjas to grab their own alcohol inks and make a million domino pendants until the cows come home!
We love when one project spawns many Ninjas to go home and get to craftin’!

Sugar Skulls
After three years of making and sharing this sugar skull project, we’re darn near experts! And so are you! Every time you do this project, you show better and better decorating skills! Even better, we’re so thrilled to see return crafters come with their families and share this rad event!

Sew It All Felted Sweater Mittens
Sew It All Magazine is an outfit with some real deal craftin’ ladies! And we had the honor of working with them and learning from them. I’ve broken out my mittens this winter and found them to be so darn warm and cozy!

Pinterest Tested Tie Dye Tights
Before our pal Amber hightailed it to Seattle, we got to play with this really fun tie dye tights project! If you love tights, this is the project for you to brighten up your collection and add a DIY splash to your wardrobe!

Canning with Helliemae’s
We love Helliemae’s! It’s just that simple. And when Ellen opened the factory’s doors to Ninjas to learn how to can chutney and make quick pickles, we fell in love all the more! The space was perfect for cooking up a storm and everyone left with tasty stuff.

Pasties with Ooh La La Burlesque
A little risque, a little naughty – hanging out with the rad ladies of Ooh La La Burlesque is a reminder that we can all use a little risque in our lives! Not only were these super talented burlesque mamas totally hilarious, but they were great teachers too!

Upcycled Jewelry with Colorado Bead Co. 
We have several love affairs with local crafty businesses…and Anne at Colorado Bead Co. is definitely one of them! Anne let us take over the joint and provided us with all kinds of lovely beads and baubles and taught us to make some really cool upcycled necklaces with soda cans! Is there anything they can’t do over there?

Felt Wreath
This project was a tedious and, at times, frustrating stuggle. But it turned out beautifully. And that’s the reward! Beauty! After seeing the project on Dig This Chick, we realized we had to try it!

We hope that, in the new year, you’ll try something new! We hope that in the new year, you’ll join us for all kinds of crafty good times at Three Kings Tavern! We’re planning and plotting and have some really cool partners lined up for 2013!
Happy New Year, Ninjas!

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Unseen Denver

We’re always up for a challenge and Rick Ramos from Unseen Denver proposed that we learn the secrets behind the art of stencils for a look at good spirited, SUPER LEGAL, graffiti!

If you don’t know about Unseen Denver, let me give you the details!
Unseen Denver is an amazing street art blog that is completely supported by the community of Denver! Sure, they have websites featuring NYC and Austin, TX as well, but Denver is its home.
And Denver loves its Unseen Denver! The site gets constant activity from diligent and committed contributors out and about around the city.

So, when Rick asked us if we wanted to do a tutorial on how to do a stencil…we jumped on the opportunity!
And thankfully, our good friend Tim Davids aka 2509Online offered to help us document our hard work so that you can learn too!


And what’s even better?
Unseen Denver is sponsoring an event called Unveiled Underground – a night of art, music, and good people this FRIDAY!
Local street artists Uni, Square and bunny M will claim 2762 Walnut St in the RiNo art District and create three large scale mural installations LIVE at the tech/creative co-working office, Uncubed.
The festivities will benefit Arts Street; a Metro Denver nonprofit who, for the last 13 years, has been developing and implementing highly diversified, career-based children’s educational programs that incorporate real-world learning, artistic expression and creative thinking.
It’s worth a stop on your First Friday adventures!

We’re so thankful that cool stuff like Unseen Denver exists alongside our own efforts to make Denver a little more amazing.
And we’re thankful to Tim Davids-our fine filmmaker, Three Kings Tavern-the home of Denver Craft Ninjas, and Vera-our rad soundtrack for the video.

Stay tuned for more video tutorials and fun from the Denver Craft Ninjas!

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