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Let’s catch up, Ninjas! September Project!

Whoa! Have you missed me?
I’ve missed you, but my focus has had to shift a little!
As of the end of August, Share Denver is entirely my baby.
To say “shit is crazy” is an understatement! But this labor of love is truly that – I am thrilled to be steering the ship and taking control of the vision of this amazing space that I love so much.

That being said…I miss you, Ninjas!
I miss the spirit and heart of Denver Craft Ninjas, but it’s always been my intention to start hosting Ninja events at Share Denver on a consistent basis and provide a place for us to see each other again and raise hell like we used to!

So, let’s do it! September is our month!

Join me for this super fun and simple last flowery hurrah before fall sets in! I’ll provide all the materials and you make giant paper flowers to your heart’s content!
What’s Included: All supplies!
What to Bring: BYOB, cool dance moves, good vibes!
September 7th from 1 PM -5 PM
Click here to register!

Let’s have some fun and make some fun, colorful flowers! I can’t wait to see you!

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Crafty Goods – 6/13/14

Summer Hair

It’s almost summer! I mean, it feels like summer, but it’s not official yet.
Still, I have tomatoes growing, pansies peeking, and oregano getting bold! I’m so inspired by the Share Denver garden!

Sadly, I won’t be able to revel in all its green & growing glory – It’s a busy weekend!

Here’s what’s on my radar:

-Our pal Donna Diddit recently shared a link for the New York Maker Faire and I got excited thinking how cool it would be to have Colorado makers with their booths at this phenomenal event! Why don’t you apply? They are seeking makers and performers and the deadline is July 20th. You have plenty of time to get your act together!

-Did you hear that Taylor Swift is a cross stitcher? Well, she is and she made a super cool, Drake inspired needlepoint project for her friend Ed Sheeran. Take a peek here to see her work!

-So, no big deal, but yeah…we were invited back to TEDxMileHigh! Not only do they have their incomparable presenters every year, but the Exhibit Lounge is always a blast. With representation from great businesses and creators in Denver, it’s going to be a hoot! So, get a ticket and come see us! Come see all of it! There’s guaranteed inspiration up in that piece!

-As if there weren’t enough going on this weekend…it’s also Denver Comic Con weekend! We’re so excited that Denver will be awash in cosplay and major nerdery, but we know for a fact that there are some crafty vendors sharing their wares this year! If you don’t have tickets you might be out of luck, but if you’re one of the lucky ones, go get your nerd on and support your local vendors!

-And last, but certainly not least, Share Denver‘s got some super fun classes happening this weekend! Sterling is teaching her newly restructured Tarot 101 workshop and I’m teaching this crazy easy Beaded Plant Holder on both Sunday and Monday (just in case you’re wrapped up with Comic Con all weekend!).

Get out and explore this weekend, Denver! There’s so much to do!

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Share Denver Etsy Craft Party!

Etsy Craft Party

What are you doing June 6th from 6-9 PM?

If you aren’t craftin’ at Share Denver…you’re crazy!

Share is hosting their 1st ever Etsy Craft Party and I want you to join in the fun!
The theme of the craft party is “recapture” and we’ll be using really lovely vintage photographs and floss to decorate and embellish the images . Please feel free to bring your own photos if you’d like!

We’re providing all the materials and beer too! All you have to do is sign up here (for a meager $5) and show up ready to craft and laugh and have a blast!
Hope to see you there!

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Crafty Goods 3/21/2014

Crochet Flowers

It’s Crafty Goods! Here’s some fun stuff I found to share with you this week!
-Are you familiar with Leonie Dawson? She is a self help author/artist/hippy who has also evolved into an entrepreneur + philanthropist with a half a million dollar company. In her blog this week, she shared a concept I needed to hear – “What you do in the world is needed”.
It’s something we all need to hear! So if you’re feeling uninspired or off track…this could be a good boost!
-I’m super excited to see what’s in the works of my friend Anne Franklin, of Anne Franklin Designs, and her collaboration for BrainyCrafts! Check it out!
-Denver area peeps! Naomi is moving to Indonesia and she wants you to take some of her stash off her hands! Sale is Mar. 22 from 8am-3pm and Mar. 23 from 9am-2pm at 7995 E. Mississippi Ave., A18 Denver, CO  80247 Here’s her Flickr page for just a sample of the goods
-The Aurora Arts Festival’s theme this year is Recycle Upcycle! If you’re a crafter or artisan that uses recycled or upcycled materials, this is the party for you! Hit up their website for info! But do it fast! They have limited spaces for you darlings!
-My amazing friend Kelli from Bitter O’Clock has an e-book for crafty types called, “Tax Tips for Crafty Businesses”.
If you need some help, take a peek here and then shower Kelli with love because she’s offering it FOR FREE!
-Looks like they are still accepting folks for the Denver Mini Maker Faire – Hustle your bunz if you want in!
-This weekend at Share Denver there is all kinds of good stuff happening! Denver Craft Ninjas are teaching a paper marbling class and Risa is teaching a pearl and metal bracelet! Come hang out at Share Denver and learn something new for heaven’s sake! And next week there’s even more! Katrina’s The Art of Risottos, Gratins, & Classic Sauces, Pom Pom Mobiles with Lili, Melamine Bird Feeders with me (and I don’t even like birds!), Chainmail Amulet Bag with Risa, and Craft Your Blog with Sara from Meanest Look!
-How amazing is this art installation by Beili Liu? It’s called The Mending Project and it so stunning and overwhelming. 
Spring is here! FINALLY! And I’m feeling it! New inspiration, positivity, and an urge to create!
What’s floating your boat, Ninjas? Share in the comments or hit me up on Facebook and fill me in!

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. TEDxMileHigh

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TEDxMileHigh is such a phenomenal event. If you have the chance to attend, get your hiney in gear and get there!
TEDxMileHigh provides a venue to showcase ideas and inspiration from our community. The events aim to prompt discussion and connect people from different parts of the community to start and maintain a dialogue via speakers with diverse presentations.

For Ninjas, this event was a huge opportunity to engage the TEDx attendees and share our story and what we do in the Exhibit Lounge. And it was so inspiring to meet people who wanted to know more – people invested in the Denver community and culture.
We hosted a Make and Take Button Booth and provided a vehicle for attendees to share their own message with all the other folks in the building. We had everything from Apple logos to hearts and messages about TEDx and cats.
And what we were reminded of while manning the Ninja button booth was that creating is fun and it connects people. The line to our booth was wild and people approached us eager to grab glue sticks and sparkly pens. Crafting something, from even the simplest materials, gets people excited. Best of all people in line complimented each other’s designs, shook hands, made connections, and shared materials. It was a good vibe – a familiar vibe that we often encounter at our craft meet-ups.

We won’t soon forget what an awesome time TEDxMileHigh was and hope we’ll have the chance to visit again and stay connected to this powerful source of information and change.

Major super special thanks to Amber Powell and Shaun Asakura – these two just never stop being awesome and supportive. They are part of the team and we’re so glad.
Also, thanks to Nancy Schoemann and Chuck Sullivan for including Denver Craft Ninjas in this event – their generosity in sharing the space allowed us to reach out to so many wonderful people!


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Denver Craft Ninjas/Kunoichi Craft Events Embroidery Residency!

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We’re still in shock about the response to our Embroidery Residency!
When we were planning this event, it seemed like a long shot, but we managed to pack Mutiny Information Cafe with lots of faces eager to learn embroidery.
Each week we included some practical information about tools, fabric, floss and instruction about specific stitches that will get any budding embroiderer on the road to being an official stitcher!
We’re proud to say that everyone walked away with skills and ambitious plans to keep their embroidery practice going.
Couldn’t ask for a better end to our embroidery adventure!

The pictures above reflect the fun we had too! Lots of laughs, funny stories about ghosts, Burger King tacos, and embroidery euphemisms galore! Every Ninja had their own take on their style of embroidery and tackled their projects with the stitches they loved. Some even drew up their very own patterns – some of them not as safe for work as others. Pretty typical Ninja event!

We couldn’t do it without Mutiny Information Cafe! Jim and Matt shared their space with us and proved (once again) their investment in the Baker neighborhood and the Denver community. Thanks to them!

We’re already cooking up a new plan for more workshops! Is there something you’ve been wanting to try? Shoot us an email or leave a comment about projects you’d like to explore!

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