Fresh Start!

Denver Craft Ninjas has changed. It’s not that I wanted it to change. It wasn’t planned. But sometimes you want to believe you can do it all. That’s what I’ve been trying to do since Share Denver opened.
Owning a business, having a business partner – it’s a lot. A lot more concerns, worry and struggle than just a monthly craft group meet up. It’s hard. Sometimes your dreams come true and then you have to come to terms with what that really means.
It means work and making it work. It means letting go of things you loved to put your intention and focus into something bigger and scarier and more awesome.


Denver Craft Ninjas is still alive! We’re still doing our monthly events…except now, it’s at Share Denver.
Three Kings is and was awesome, but it was the basement of a bar. And schlepping materials and supplies was hard work for a team of one. Now, everything is in one place. One sunny, fun, inspiring place!

Take some time to visit us at Share Denver and learn about all the cool workshops that are happening there.

I’ve been considering updating this blog and determining what I wanted next for this space on the internet where great crafty things have happened.
Denver Craft Ninjas will continue to offer our monthly get-togethers. We’ll still swill mimosas, talk garbage, and get glue and glitter on our faces, but this blog is going to be so much more than that.
Denver is such an inspiring place! There’s so much going on with our friends, our community, and I want this spot to be a place where you can learn about it all.

I’ll be updating with craft projects, cool events around Denver, markets & fairs, and notable people in the community that make Denver’s creative community one of the best in the world!

Stay tuned for what is to come and feel free to contact me if you’d like to get involved, share ideas, or get crafty with us!

Denver Craft Ninjas – Ninja-in-Chief


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3 responses to “Fresh Start!

  1. Hey Becky,

    Funny how things evolve. I really love the Denver Craft Ninjas name but understand your decisions to rename the business and move. As a Park Hill resident I feel very lucky that you’re now just a few blocks away.

    I love your new space and the possibilities for events it creates.

    A few ideas I think would be fun to do at Share Denver (if you have folks who would like to facilitate):

    – Art journaling – mixing images and words for self-expression
    – Fabric stamping (I’d love to do a pineapple stamped T shirt like the ones the were selling last year at J Crew for tres $$)
    – Bejewel T shirts and/or sweatshirts
    – Needlepoint and/or cross stitch clinics
    – Make a pair of beaded earrings
    – Make your own storage containers
    – Make your own 3-ring binder

    And a couple I’d like to facilitate
    – Artist’s Way study group (I’ve been thinking of facilitating)
    – Ignite Your Marketing Mojo (another class I’ve enjoyed doing)

    Warm wishes from your Park Hill neighbor
    Judy Murdoch

    • Judy, we’ve not changed the name! Denver Craft Ninjas lives!
      We are still hosting monthly events – it’s just this space that will expanding and evolving!

      We’ve offered some art journaling and offer monthly embroidery and cross stitch classes at Share Denver.
      Check out the website for details on our calendar (the March calendar is coming soon!).

      And if you’d like to teach at Share Denver, we’d love to have you! Our next teacher training is March 1st (this Saturday!) – hit up the website for details!
      Thanks for your continued support!

      • inkyboy

        Cool, glad the name is the same – it’s a good one.
        I’ll check out the teacher training & see if I’m free to attend.
        Thanks Becky!

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