Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Bottle & Bottega

Is there a difference between crafter and artist? Should there be?
I’m going to argue that there isn’t a difference.

I’ll admit, I’ve been one to dismiss my own artistic endeavors, preferring to call myself a crafter, because it seems less serious and highbrow.
I’m sure there are “artists” out there that balk at crafters and their output – but I’d argue that there is precisely as much soulful effort and skill in appliqueing or jewelry making as there is in blending paint colors on a canvas or bending steel into sculpture.
Comparing the two is silly! And letting the two worlds merge is the only way to make crafters feel like artists and remind artists that they’re crafters!

Bottle & Bottega

And in the spirit of embracing my inner artist, I flexed my artistic muscles at Bottle & Bottega this week and was surprised by my own assumptions about the process of painting. It’s both harder and easier than I thought.

I was invited by Ginger Jones, the owner of the Denver Metro Bottle & Bottega, to sit in on a class called, Monday with the Masters. The Master of our class was Kandinsky who, thankfully, was an abstract painter. His warm painting called “Color Study. Squares with Concentric Circles” looked easy enough to try to replicate and I was glad to be able to focus on the colors rather than smaller details.

Our instructor, Emily, demystified the project by showing us techniques with both paint and brush that allowed touching brush to canvas to be a far less intimidating endeavor. Any reluctance I had was promptly whisked away and soon I was fully engaged with the process of dabbing, blending, and mixing color. It was a very relaxing and illuminating experience. Being lost in the paint, the progress and the action made the time tick by!

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Any expression of creativity can be considered art and probably should be. That’s why I think you should give it a try!
Ginger at Bottle & Bottega wants some Ninjas to enjoy the experience the way that I did – so, we’re offering two of you an electronic gift certificate for a value of $35! Pick a public party and get ready to splash some paint around!

Leave a comment below with your favorite artist/crafter & we’ll pick two of you sweeties, at random, to get paintin’!
*This giveaway will close on Friday, July 19th, at 5:00 PM & winners will be announced on Monday, July 22nd.

WINNERS ARE: Sara Downey-Robinson and Annie Farrell – Ladies! Shoot us an email at so we can forward your gift certificate! YAY!


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22 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Bottle & Bottega

  1. Sport

    My favorite crafter/ artist/ poet is Ethridge Knight. He showed me a cultural experience I would have never understood had it not been for his finely crafted poems.

  2. Monica

    My favorite crafter is probably Corinne Leigh from Threadbanger, she makes me believe that I can craft anything if I really try.

  3. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but one crafter I admire is Erika Moen. She crafts on a variety of mediums (comics, photography, pole dancing!) and isn’t afraid to let her personality come through everything she does.

  4. Favorite? Wow, that’d be a hard one. I’ve been loving Sarah Yakawonis’s anatomical paper quilling lately.

  5. My favorite Crafter/Artist is my friend Shana. She is the one who taught me how to crochet and was always positive and encouraging. Now I have fulfilled my dream of making cute little crochet animals! yay!

  6. Elizabeth Zimmerman – Knit Designer Her writing is inspiring for both knitting and daily life, plus her patterns make knitting easy and fun. Love Love Love.

  7. Bottle & Bottega looks so fun!

    It’s so hard to choose just one artist, but I’ve been incredibly inspired by Yumiko Higuch.
    Her embroidery work is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen and inspires me to get my needle threaded and start exploring.

  8. jenn marie

    I have to pick just one….
    Dawn…. a true balls to the wall crafter…. she knits mostly but her costumes are the best ever!!!
    Chris…. he can talk me through all my crazy ideas and push me to just make it
    Aurora…. she is a true finisher, I doubt she has any ufo’s in her life.

  9. Misha

    I am a mosaic artist and potter, my husband dabbles in jewelry, painting and pen and ink, my daughter a visual art student at Denver School of the Arts (DSA). I am surrounded by art but for the answer to this question I am going to say (I swear I am NOT sucking up) Becky H. You are not afraid to try anything, giving everything a solid try. I am inspired by your openness, willingness and true joy for any art or craft as well as your zest for life. I believe that the seeds of craftiness and art are sprouting all over Denver and beyond because of your inspiration!

  10. bkmoulton

    Mimi Kirchner…craft, art, social commentary. Love her dolls. I’ve always looked at craft as the technique of making. As in craftsmanship and hand-crafted. The artistry of it is in the matter or meaning; the emotion that can be brought to the work and evoked from the viewer. There is much art that has no craft and vise versa, but we are all lucky when we find, within ourselves or others, the merging of both.

  11. My kids are my favorite artists/crafters- hands down. They never cease to amaze me with how creatively they think about the world. They don’t seem to see boundaries that I see.

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