Denver Craft Ninjas, Beer Crafts and a Banjo Billy Bus

I knew when Shawn Bowman first approached me about collaborating for the release of her book that things were gonna get awesome. But I don’t think I knew just how awesome!

But get some great minds together, add a Banjo Billy Bus, and a beer tour around Denver…you can begin to imagine what a great event we put together!

I’m not gonna elaborate too much. I think the pictures tell the story (drinking, crafts, hell raising), but I do want to remind you that you should pick up Shawn’s books! Beer Crafts and Criminal Crafts are both totally fun and silly and filled to the brim with DIY chutzpah!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And MAJOR thanks to Nick Nunns at TRVE Brewing, Pints Pub, Nikki Minette at River North Brewery, and Shawn Bowman. Each person and place contributed enormously to make our event what it was and we’re so darn appreciative! Drink at these establishments! Support local breweries!


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2 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas, Beer Crafts and a Banjo Billy Bus

  1. Leading the charge in craft brewery and craft beer community building is ninjas. What is the world coming to?😉

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