Denver Craft Ninjas vs. TEDxMileHigh

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TEDxMileHigh is such a phenomenal event. If you have the chance to attend, get your hiney in gear and get there!
TEDxMileHigh provides a venue to showcase ideas and inspiration from our community. The events aim to prompt discussion and connect people from different parts of the community to start and maintain a dialogue via speakers with diverse presentations.

For Ninjas, this event was a huge opportunity to engage the TEDx attendees and share our story and what we do in the Exhibit Lounge. And it was so inspiring to meet people who wanted to know more – people invested in the Denver community and culture.
We hosted a Make and Take Button Booth and provided a vehicle for attendees to share their own message with all the other folks in the building. We had everything from Apple logos to hearts and messages about TEDx and cats.
And what we were reminded of while manning the Ninja button booth was that creating is fun and it connects people. The line to our booth was wild and people approached us eager to grab glue sticks and sparkly pens. Crafting something, from even the simplest materials, gets people excited. Best of all people in line complimented each other’s designs, shook hands, made connections, and shared materials. It was a good vibe – a familiar vibe that we often encounter at our craft meet-ups.

We won’t soon forget what an awesome time TEDxMileHigh was and hope we’ll have the chance to visit again and stay connected to this powerful source of information and change.

Major super special thanks to Amber Powell and Shaun Asakura – these two just never stop being awesome and supportive. They are part of the team and we’re so glad.
Also, thanks to Nancy Schoemann and Chuck Sullivan for including Denver Craft Ninjas in this event – their generosity in sharing the space allowed us to reach out to so many wonderful people!


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5 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas vs. TEDxMileHigh

  1. Hi Becky, it was so fun seeing the Ninjas at TEDx! You had a fun, hands-on exhibit and a lot of folks lined up to get their buttons. Hope you added some new ninjas and fans to your list.

  2. This is so cool! I love ninjas. AND crafts. AND Denver! AAANNNND TEDex, so this is the best post ever.🙂 Love your concept of community – we just started a blog for Denver in the eyes of newbies: – stop by! I look forward to reading your other posts – so awesome!!!🙂

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