Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Colorado Women’s Beer Club – Our Mutual Friend

I don’t dare consider myself an expert where beer is concerned. Actually, I know so many people that are experts that I don’t have any reason to be – they tell me what is good and I taste and try.
What I do know is that beer is complex. Beer and beer brewing is an age old tradition of flavors, experimentation, and community.

And interestingly, the Denver beer community has a great deal in common with our craft community.
At least that’s what I learned while touring Our Mutual Friend with the Colorado Women’s Beer Club.

The Colorado Women’s Beer Club encourages women to learn about the nuances of beer, the process of brewing, and is creating a community for women that invites opportunities for hanging out and making friends!
Obviously, that makes sense to Denver Craft Ninjas!

Colorado Women’s Beer Club conducted their first meeting on Sunday and kicked off the year with a visit to Our Mutual Friend – a brewery with a DIY aesthetic!

The taproom is gorgeous and inviting with a warm fireplace and kind gentlemen behind the bar pouring their signature beers with pride. The design, the tables, the construction has all been done by hand – each of the owners has poured time and care into creating a space that fosters a kind of community. And it makes all the difference.

The set up at Our Mutual Friend is small, but they know what they’re doing. All the brewing is done in small batches and their commitment to roasting their own malt and focusing on quality over the quantity translates in that first sip of beer.

When you see people doing things that are inspiring it’s important to talk about it. Denver has so much accessible learning opportunities! And whether it’s beer appreciation, brewing, or just chilling with new friends over a pint…it’s always worth exploring.

We’ll be teaming up with the Colorado Women’s Beer Club for some future events! Collaborating with local organizations that encourage artisan endeavors is Denver Craft Ninjas’ bread and butter. (Many of the women at the event on Sunday ARE Denver Craft Ninjas!) Stay tuned for updates! And head over to Our Mutual Friend! Grab a beer, make a friend or two, and don’t leave without one of their gorgeous growlers filled with something tasty.

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