DIY Collar & Sweater Chain Project!

Something has definitely been missing from our wardrobe! Something with chic shine! A little 50’s style granny glitz!
Have you been feeling the same way?

Well, if you have…you should join us for this totally adorable project!

We’ll be making a lovely DIY collar! These beautiful accents pull together any outfit with a little shine and neat, chic lines. We’ll offer a couple different styles and you can decide which one works best for you!
And the sweater chains! Oh my, these are addictive little darlings!
Hold a sweater, coat, or jacket together! Or even better, you can add these to your handbag or even a pocket. No matter how you decide to use them, you’ll be thrilled with how sweet they are!

You’ll leave with not one, but two new additions to your neckline!

As usual, we’ll be covering all the materials! The metallic faux leather, chain, jump rings, tools and shiny baubles!

We’ll be meeting at Three Kings on January 27th from 1-5 PM.
The cost of this project is $25 and we ask that you register via this link!
Bring a little extra dough for a cocktail, beer or soda! And don’t forget – bring something to snack on that you don’t mind sharing!

Let’s kick off 2013 with something to add a little pop to your ensemble! Don’t miss it!

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