Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Sew It All

When local Sew It All Magazine Associate Editor Beth Bradley asks if you want to do a project with her…well, if you don’t jump on it, you are clearly loco!

Sew It All makes a great effort to take the intimidation of sewing and turn it into tricks and tips that make even the amateur sewist feel like a pro.

Beth and her crew, the lovely Nicki and Jessie, came in with a really inspiring pile of felted sweaters in amazing colors and textures, sewing machines, and embellishments galore. And before you knew it, the felted sweater mitten project that we’d been planning together for the last month or so was finally about to happen.

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You’d really be surprised how easy it is to make your own mittens from old sweaters! As Ninjas filed in, selected sweaters, and started the process…lovely mitten sets started to come together.
One kind of embellishment for the mittens allowed us to try our hands at needle felting! As you can see from the pictures above, some Ninjas got really creative and personalized their mittens in the very best ways! Including our wonderful, super talented friend Dawn…who made her husband some mittens explicitly for giving the middle finger. AMAZING!

We’re so darn thankful to Beth and her cohorts from Sew It All! They swooped in and offered to share their expertise with us and for that we are eternally grateful. The project was so darn useful and I can imagine we’ll see a lot of handmade mittens made for the winter and for the holidays too! Here’s a link to the pattern – go make your own pair!

And, as per uzjhe, we’re always appreciative to Three Kings Tavern! They always come through as the very best hosts…hustling to grab extension cords and screwing in lightbulbs!

We’ll be posting our October project SOON! Make sure you don’t miss it!


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5 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Sew It All

  1. inkyboy

    How about a project to make fun holiday gifts?

  2. beverly

    What pattern did you use for the mittens?

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