Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Ooh La La Burlesque! Pasties!

We’ve done a lot of cool projects in the past – but this one could be characterized as the best!

When you combine Denver Craft Ninjas stealthy bad ass craft prowess with the lovely and entrancing glamour of Ooh La La Burlesque…good things are bound to happen! Our pasty project rocked it!

I’ll keep this short and sweet because I think the pictures really tell the story!
Glitter, sequins, nipple talk! All subjects that come up regularly at any Denver Craft Ninja meet up, but now we had a real reason to gab about them.

The lovely Kitty Crimson, Fanny Fitztightlee, and Aluka Salt came with a variety of their own lovely handmade works of art to share their personal technique of pasty making. They shared their knowledge, provided guidance, and were downright sweet, hilarious, and kind beyond measure.

Everyone learned the fundamentals of pasty making and came up with their own brilliant styles. And like I mentioned, there were a lot of jewels, glitter, and sequins being thrown around. The sign of any truly successful Ninja endeavor can be measured by the amount of sparkly detritus littered across the room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, the ladies had a special surprise for us in the form of a gentleman demonstrating some pasties made by the super talented Aluka Salt!
Everyone worked hard and left with at least one pair of sparkly pasties…if not more than one pair!

And it’s all thanks to Ooh La La Burlesque! We’re endlessly appreciative of their willingness to meet with us and share their skills. We encourage Denver folk to check out an Ooh La La Burlesque show and stay afoot of all the cool adventures these ladies have. Don’t forget…they have Boylesque too!

As usual, events like this don’t happen without Jim Norris and the fine people at Three Kings Tavern.
Jim’s kindness is unparalleled and we’re always treated with such care! Thanks so much, you sweeties!

Stay tuned! We’ll be posting our next project VERY soon!


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3 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Ooh La La Burlesque! Pasties!

  1. That was such a fun project!

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