Upcycled Jewelry with The Colorado Bead Company

I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2012 than with Anne and Kody from The Colorado Bead Company!

Have you been to their store yet?
Situated on Colfax, right next to the Irish Snug, The Colorado Bead Company is an oasis of color and creative possibility!
Anne Fellini prides herself on the store’s selection, reasonable pricing, and the friendliness of the joint.
Being kind and open to your clientele is seriously important these days. In a time when it might be easier to just order craft supplies online, it’s such a pleasure to walk into an establishment and feel like you’re welcome and important.

Intermingled with their gorgeous selection of beads and accouterment, The Colorado Bead Company also offers classes. Anne and Kody are great teachers with senses of humor – which is great when you have two sets of pliers in your hands and a bead hanging precariously off of a piece of wire!
And this why the Denver Craft Ninjas teamed up with The Colorado Bead Company for our first project of the new year!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a hell of a turn out and we made some beautiful stuff.

Anne came up with this project explicitly for the Denver Craft Ninjas and it was a hit with everyone that attended.
We used recycled cans to create the flowers for our necklaces. The Colorado Bead Company are committed to using recycled materials and work with a “green” wire company that takes all those little wire scraps and reuses them!
We learned to wrap briolettes (don’t you love that word?) and manipulated the jump rings to connect them to our chains. Basically, It was the fundamentals of jewelry making!

If you’ve been hankering to learn to make your own lovely jewels and want to acquire techniques for more advanced stuff – The Colorado Bead Company is the place to do it!
We can’t express our adoration for those sweeties enough!

Thanks so much for having us, Anne and Kody!


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3 responses to “Upcycled Jewelry with The Colorado Bead Company

  1. That was such a great project! Great job planning it (Becky) and executing it (Anne)!

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