Denver Craft Ninjas Crafty Christmas Shopping Guide

We all know that it’s better to shop local…well, that is unless your mom, like mine, asks for a new coffee maker.
Where are all the local handmade coffee maker makers!?

So, I decided to compile a list of local crafters that I think rule the school!
Some of these folks are regular Ninjas and contribute to our group with their smiles and expertise – we’re lucky to have them!

Also, I’ll be linking some local shops where you can pick up materials for making your own handmade gifts OR buy stuff for your favorite crafter!

First, check out Amber Powell from Crazy Mae’s! Not only is she a seasoned Denver Craft Ninja, but she’s a fantastic vegan baker.
This season, she’s packaged up her favorite flavors of vegan cupcakes and she’s selling them via her Etsy shop. Um, lavender cupcake mix?! You gotta try it!
If you’d rather Amber do all the baking for you…hit her up! She does great event baking and will blow your mind with just how delish vegan can be!

Need a new winter hat, but don’t want just any traditional beanie? Know someone that can rock a Michael Jackson beanie?
Well, our friend Kelli Petersen at Bitter O’Clock is your girl!
Kelli hand crochets hats with character that look good on just about any noggin’. I mean, unless you have a wonky noggin’…and even then, she could probably make your wonky noggin’ look good!
Hit up Kelli’s website to see all her great hats…and then stick around just to marvel at her other work. She’s a talent and then some! BUY HER HATS!

Artist Zshanna Kristoff is a whiz! She’s super cute AND she’s a killer illustrator and designer. Her Etsy shop is a place to ooh and ahh over her interpretations of little old ladies, plump little animals, and huggable octopi!

As you can see, she’s got a handle on adorable.
Peek into Zshanna’s Etsy shop! You won’t be sorry! I promise!

See that dreamy dark caramel up there? The salt scattered atop the pieces…
Is it calling your name? Well, unless you have false teeth or are a diabetic, these little babies should be calling to you from a mile away.
Helliemae’s Salt Caramels, the handiwork of Ellen Daehnick, are the perfect stocking stuffer! It’s also a good way to butter up your boss, soothe troubles with your boyfriend, or talk a stranger into giving you their parking spot. Wave a salt caramel in their face and holy hell…it’s magic. It’s a great investment in your future – look at it that way. But jump on it because, even with Santa’s elves’ help, Ellen can’t make caramels for you all season – order early…and often!

If you have little munchkins or need to buy for little munchkins, Curious Lotties is a great place to start. Adorable vintage styling mixed with stellar craftsmanship! A mother/daughter collaboration using upcycled materials, Curious Lotties is a handmade dream. Charming!
Check out their website to see their sweet work!

Anne Franklin is kind of a mystery to me! She’s a wife, mother, AND manages to run {Anne Franklin Designs}…you know, in her spare time! Anne’s innovative designs and whimsy gives all her pieces character. She’s experimenting all the time using repurposed and found objects! Check out Anne’s Etsy shop to see her colorful designs! Yay, Anne!

Obviously, I could go on and on! So, here’s a list of some other folks that you should definitely check out:
Kate Hopper Art
Eclectic Designs by Jill
Batty Amanda
SailorMade Goods
WTS Creatures
Full Frog Moon
Wild Paper Flowers

As for brick and mortar places that we Craft Ninjas love – stop in at the following shops and give these local businesses some of your hard earned green!

Wild Yarns – Kelly and Anna are knitting mavens (sweet, patient, and silly too!) – both of them helped teach knitting at our Denver Craft Ninjas craft project! Their new store is lovely and they specialize in yarn from Colorado and the west and the selection is really amazing. It’s worth a stop if you’ve been wanting to pick up a new project or you know a knitter that needs some inspiring yarn!

Fabric Bliss – This place kind of has it all. It’s hard to walk in an not be inspired by the possibilities that are available to any crafter regardless of experience! Plus, Aurora is kind of the best. She’s hilarious, spirited, and tons of fun! Fabric Bliss covers all the bases – fabulous yarn, chic fabric, and patterns that might just jump start your creative battery! They offer classes at Fabric Bliss too. Keep that in mind when writing your Christmas list – a craft class is the perfect gift!

Ink Lounge – This place is so much more than a screen printing studio! Nicky and Stu have created the perfect space for screen printing, but they also have delightful posters, calendars, sketchbooks, and art prints! Drop by to learn more about their screen printing classes…then grab an art print or a calendar for your loved ones!

Colorado Bead Company – ANNE! I almost forgot Anne! If you haven’t been to Colorado Bead Company, you’re missing out! Anne’s selection is so darn exciting…you’ll consider taking up a new hobby and FAST!
Beads as far as the eye can see and amazing qualified teachers doling out lessons on all kinds of crafty techniques! Keep your eyes peeled for a Denver Craft Ninjas/Colorado Bead Company collaboration in 2012, but in the meantime, pick up a gift card and sign up for some classes!

If you have additional crafters or local establishments that you’d like to see included…add them in the comments!

Happy shopping, Ninjas!


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2 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas Crafty Christmas Shopping Guide

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Becky! I can personally vouch for products by Zshanna, Batty Amanda, Wild Paper Flowers, and WTS Creatures. I have products by all of them; they are great quality and still as gorgeous as the day I bought them. Denver has some amazing artisans!

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