2nd Annual Denver Craft Ninas Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

We’re doing it again, Ninjas!

Halloween is right around the corner, sweet ninjas…and after that DIA DE LOS MUERTOS – A celebration of those we love who have passed on! Typically, the celebration occurs on November 2nd…so, we’re gonna get you set for your own Dia de los Muertos celebration by decorating your own sugar skulls or calaveras de azúcar!

Here’s the deal: We’re cranking out, assembly line style, a pile of sugar skulls…we’ll bring them to you and you will, in turn, decorate the skulls and take them home to decorate your space, place on the grave of a beloved friend or family member, or create a Dia de los Muertos altar!

Where it’s at:
Three Kings Tavern

What you bring:
SNACKS, a little dough for a cocktail or soda, and you!

What we’ll provide:
Sugar skulls – 2 per person (1 large & 1 medium sized), royal icing, decorations, and tools, etc.

What it costs:
$12.00 – we accept cash and credit cards!

We’re handmaking the skulls ahead of time and want to make enough for everyone!
PLEASE either email us at the below email addresses OR RSVP on our Facebook event page by Friday, October 21st.

Costumes encouraged! Also, KIDDOS WELCOME!


Let’s do this, Ninjas!


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2 responses to “2nd Annual Denver Craft Ninas Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

  1. I want to see the pics of the funnest sugar skull!

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