Paste Paper with Laughing Mouse Press

Crafting can be revolutionary.
It’s true!
There are skills that one can have in their repertoire that can come  in handy for making a difference.

We like to think that every getdown the Denver Craft Ninjas have leads to a new skill, an exciting obsession, a committed hobby!  That, in and of itself, is a revolutionary thing!

Spencer Keralis, of Laughing Mouse Press, considers paste paper and book binding “technologies”.  We met up on Sunday, at Three Kings’ Phoenix Gallery, and Spencer taught us the application of a practical skill – a technology – that has historical roots in revolution!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see from the pictures in the slideshow that Spencer put us to work! (Also, please note those smart looking Denver Craft Ninja aprons!)

We learned about the history of paste papers, the recipe, and technique – and then we put those lessons into action.
We cooked the paste up on hot plates, added color to the paste (and a lot of glitter for the fun of it), and coated our paper with colored paste and a variety of  textured decorations.
What started out as painted paper will be the covers of the small books we make at the next meet up!

It can’t be denied that we had a lot of fun!
Dirty jokes, laughter, and camaraderie!  It couldn’t have been better!
And the best part…we’re meeting up next month for more!

If you’re interested in paste papers, book making, or running a small press – Spencer is your fella!
Visit Laughing Mouse Press to check out his variety of handmade books!

As always, major thanks to Three Kings!  The folks there support our get togethers every month and make us feel like we’re home!

And last, but certainly NEVER least, special thanks to Shaun Asakura!
Shaun took all those gorgeous pics of the Denver Craft Ninjas and he does it with such quiet amiability!  We think he’s amazing and encourage you to use him to photograph your groups and events!


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2 responses to “Paste Paper with Laughing Mouse Press

  1. @Shellieshel

    SUCH a great time! Thank you !!!! xoxo

  2. Holy heck, you ladies are awesome. And Shaun takes a fine photo, peculiar lighting conditions notwithstanding. Can’t wait until next month when we turn those papers into handmade books!

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