Tech Craft

I love the idea of craft with purpose.
Crafting without objective, direction, a plan…well, it can quickly turn into a mess.

The people at How to Get What You Want are masters of turning crafty endeavors into something amazing!

Recently, they posted how to make DIY fabric speakers.

They experimented with fabric, paper, and a variety of other cool materials and tested the limits of what could be done!

A part of me wants to try this…
Any ambitious Ninjas out there feel like they might have the skills to execute this project over a couple bloody marys?

It’s a thought!

So, while you’re over at the How To Get What You Want website, check out their other cool projects!
And if you try any of them…let us know!

Thanks to Shane Hickey for the tip!


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4 responses to “Tech Craft

  1. dawn

    yes! let’s do it!

  2. This project looks awesome!!! Way right up my alley! How do I become a craft ninja, proper?


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