Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Ink Lounge

Last Sunday, we crept stealthy to Ink Lounge for a full on attack!

We’d been planning since 2010 to kick off the new year with some really fun new things, lots of new friends, and projects that challenged and intrigued us!

That’s where the Ink Lounge comes in!

Ink Lounge, located at 1512 S. Acoma, is the artisan passion of Nicky & Stu Alden!  Graphic designers by day, these two truly talented people created a home away from home where they can get their hands dirty with screen printing and welcome any willing learners to join them – they make their home yours!

As you can see in this amazing Denver Craft Ninjas slide show (courtesy of Shaun Asakura), the space is inspiring, the instruction is fun and informative, and good times are inevitable.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re interested in learning more about screen printing, please contact Ink Lounge.  You’ll get a comprehensive lesson on burning screens, pulling the ink across your t-shirt or tote bag, and more importantly…you’ll support a local business that supports the DIY or DIE ethic!

Check out the fine people at Ink Lounge by visiting their website or hitting up their Facebook page!  They’ve also got a Flickr page that you can peruse to see more super sweet Ninja faces OR check out other kinds of projects they’re doing over there!

So much thanks and adoration to Nicky & Stu – they put up with rogue champagne corks and riotous giggle fests!
And special thanks to Shaun Asakura!  He shot the photos you see in the slide show above!  If you’re interested in having Shaun shoot you or your group, please comment here and we’ll have him contact you!


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2 responses to “Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Ink Lounge

  1. Yay! I had so much fun. Thank you Becky, Nicky and Stu for putting this together. Ink Lounge is RAD. I can’t wait to start screen printing on my own!

    Oh, and Shaun’s pictures are awesome, but my opinion might be a bit biased.❤

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