What golf clubs should you use in different spots

If you are beginner in golf or have the goal to become professional player picking right golf club is very important. You can make it faster to improve all aspects of game, if you know exact golf club to use.

Determining the different types of golf clubs each golfer must have in the package. Normal golf club contains various clubs. Irons, woods, hybrids and many others are clubs, you must have in your set. You choose clubs rely on your playing style and level of experience. Also, to know the average distance you archive with specific golf club is great for improving skills. If you take into account this suggestion, it may help you to accelerate progress. If you’re a woman, you can find a list of best women’s golf clubs here.

Drivers are primarily big and long-shafted clubs, which are great to push the ball fairway from the tee. This creates full ball height and reduces side spins for straighter golf shots to a minimum. Drivers have the least height among the wooden clubs.

Irons are useful for shorter distances. Irons(and other clubs) get their name from the substance they are mostly made of. Iron has thin and grooved head, that is very important for you to improve your golf. Also, iron styles are very good for beginners to start with. Irons are stronger than woods, so they can take the ball longer. There are different types of irons available. It differs from 1 to 9 irons and they have different strengths.

Woods helps you to improve the accuracy of your shots. Its name come from the head of club, which is made out of wood. But some new models are made of metals like steel and titanium. Woods’ head are round and wide with a flat base and its good to slide the ball above the ground. Wood loft depends on number of a wood, higher it is, more strength it has.

The putters are great aids for practice, its mostly used for the surface around the green. They have flatter heads and there are different types of putters which differ by size. So, you have to chose the putter by your playing style. If you want to improve your putting skills putters are very useful for you. They are very good to hit the ball low on the green. Putter is used for short, low-speed shots. There are many different types of putters available in the store.

Wedges are great for send the ball in flight high enough to drop down the fairway.  There are different wedges types and each of them are used for different shots. For example, pitch wedge is mostly used for shots when its about 120-130 yards distance to cover. Pitching wedges are usually come with a golf set.

Wedges have more loft than other clubs and as it was in other clubs’ cases, it differs by the kind of shot you want to make.

There are clubs named hybrids which are mix of different types of clubs. Hybrid is mixture of wood to cover the longer distances and iron have improves mechanics. Since hybrids are very easy to hit, most golfers replace long irons by them.

After you have got to know which golf club is perfect for your style. Next step is to use some aids like Golf Swing Right now, which is very useful for many aspects of game. You can improve shot accuracy, timing and many other skills by it. Practice with it every day for less than 5 minutes from your comfort zone, I mean home or office. You will see result of practice very soon.
In the start, You have to learn the basics of the game and then put the courage in practice to improve different aspects of game.

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