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Book Club – #GIRLBOSS

About a month ago, I downloaded Sophia Amoruso’s book #GirlBoss. When you see a hashtag take off the way #GirlBoss does, it’s hard not to feel like you should investigate.
And I gotta say, what I found resonated with me.


I’d like to say, in general, that I hate most things that everyone else loves. I don’t know – I’ve always been one of those people that immediately rejects things that are universally embraced by the rest of the world. Maybe it’s elitist, snobby, or exclusive…but it’s who I am.
So, I was skeptical of Amoruso’s book – and I realize, that’s what she would want from me. I learned, in the first chapter, that she doesn’t want me to idolize her, or anyone for that matter, but to be my own idol. Great way to start a book about being a #GirlBoss!

There are so many gems in this book. So many places where I was like, “Oh my! Why aren’t Sophia and I friends?!”.
I don’t want to spoil them for you because you should read the hell out of this book, but here is a list of my fave gems:

-Believe in yourself and other people will believe in you too!
-Hard work, creativity, and determination make things happen.
-Believe what you’re doing will have positive results (even if it’s not immediately obvious).
-You don’t get what you don’t ask for.
-You can’t have it all and nothing comes easy.
-Take risks.

Basically, this book is amazing. Sophia owns her past, her present and future and she’s not embarrassed to talk about where she comes from or where she sees herself heading.
It’s so refreshing to see a woman walk the walk, talk the talk, and take control of her business and her life and not be ashamed of what she doesn’t know.

If you’re a female entrepreneur, buy this book. If you’re a dreamer, buy this book. If you’re looking to commiserate about 90s fashion and dumpster diving, buy this book!
And then read it!
And talk to me! Because I’ve been waiting to talk about it with someone!


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What Are You Working On?

Sometimes what I’m working on looks a lot like this.
I spent the weekend planning, strategizing, watching GIRLS on HBOGo and drinking wine.  Truth!

But I did get to participate in the Share Denver Etsy Craft Party and got to stitch and sequin a pretty phenomenal vintage photo.

Swim - Etsy Craft Party
What about you? What were you up to this weekend?
Share your own stitching projects, pics of your newly reorganized garage, or the gorgeous fruit salad you made for a BBQ! Make sure to tag it with #WAYWO on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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Share Denver Etsy Craft Party!

Etsy Craft Party

What are you doing June 6th from 6-9 PM?

If you aren’t craftin’ at Share Denver…you’re crazy!

Share is hosting their 1st ever Etsy Craft Party and I want you to join in the fun!
The theme of the craft party is “recapture” and we’ll be using really lovely vintage photographs and floss to decorate and embellish the images . Please feel free to bring your own photos if you’d like!

We’re providing all the materials and beer too! All you have to do is sign up here (for a meager $5) and show up ready to craft and laugh and have a blast!
Hope to see you there!

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What Are You Working On?


Beaded Plant Holder

After a heck of a lot of fun this weekend, it’s time to get back to work!
I’m working on a collaboration that requires grommets and piles of nylon webbing – it’s exciting to work with new materials.
Also, project testing for a class I’ll be teaching at Share Denver in June! I had a semi-disaster with an oil paint pen. But it’s kind of pretty, right?

Oil Paint Pen Explosion
What are you working on?!
New batch of beer brewing? Did you stain your porch over the weekend? Are your poppies blooming? Did you make any amazing family recipes for the holiday?
Share them with me in the comments or via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WAYWO!


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Crafty Goods – 5/23/14

Spring Balloons

Happy Friday to all you crafters, makers, and handmade enthusiasts!
I’m so excited to be back and I’m thrilled to report that I am doing this Craft Ninjas/Share Denver thing FULL TIME.
It’s an inspiring time and there’s so much I want to do…so much that needs to be done!
And the first item on my checklist is a weekend collection of all the crafty stuff happening in & around Denver and some extras to keep you energized!

-First and foremost, ArtStir is happening this weekend! 100% Colorado artisans, crafters, and makers will be sharing their wares in downtown Denver and it’s going to be a lovely sight! Take some time to wander the 16th St. Mall, shop local, and celebrate the holiday weekend by supporting creativity!

-Also, the Denver Flea is debuting on Saturday at City Park! A celebration of all things Colorado – beer, food, artisan crafts! And if you RSVP NOW…they’ll buy your first beer or coffee! That’s a win in my book!

-If you’re wanting to get out of town for the weekend, Estes Park is hosting their Art Market in Bond Park! With a healthy variety of local and national makers, this sure to be a lovely stroll! Plus you’re in Estes Park – go to the Stanley and drink a whiskey cocktail!

-Speaking of craft events, we’ve got a couple of good ones still accepting applications:

Don’t wait a minute to get your application in for Handmade Homemade! Their next event is June 28th, but applications are due May 30th. Hit up their website to apply!

The Denver Public Library is putting on their own Arts & Crafts Fair at the Sam Gary Branch in September and they want you! Application fee is crazy cheap ($20!!) and it looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun! Reach out to Janet Banks at 720-865-1219 for more information!

-Can you even believe how cool this video is? All of it animated with yarn! It’s mesmerizing!

-And finally, this weekend Share Denver is hosting an event for Every Mother Counts. One of our fine teachers & friends, Sara Downey-Robinson, has put together a baby shower to gather donations and provide resources for mothers & families.
It’s an amazing cause and we’re pretty honored she picked us to host this cool get together! Drop your donations at Share around 10 AM, visit with Sara to learn more about Every Mother Counts, and grab a mimosa!

It’s gonna be a good weekend! Take pictures of any projects that you’ve been working on and share them with us for #WAYWO on Monday!

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What Are You Working On?

Let’s get this week started!
It was a pretty darn productive weekend at Ninjas HQ!
And it got me thinking – I like to share what I’m working on…but what are YOU working on?

Here’s a sample of the stuff I cranked out this weekend:

Crochet Washcloth

Squirrel Cross Stitch

Brussel Sprout Embroidery
So, seriously, what are you working on?
It doesn’t have to be crafty…it can be some construction project in your backyard, the start of your garden, or starting giant pot of kimchi!
Share it here, on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and hashtag it #WAYWO

Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!


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Crafty Goods 3/21/2014

Crochet Flowers

It’s Crafty Goods! Here’s some fun stuff I found to share with you this week!
-Are you familiar with Leonie Dawson? She is a self help author/artist/hippy who has also evolved into an entrepreneur + philanthropist with a half a million dollar company. In her blog this week, she shared a concept I needed to hear – “What you do in the world is needed”.
It’s something we all need to hear! So if you’re feeling uninspired or off track…this could be a good boost!
-I’m super excited to see what’s in the works of my friend Anne Franklin, of Anne Franklin Designs, and her collaboration for BrainyCrafts! Check it out!
-Denver area peeps! Naomi is moving to Indonesia and she wants you to take some of her stash off her hands! Sale is Mar. 22 from 8am-3pm and Mar. 23 from 9am-2pm at 7995 E. Mississippi Ave., A18 Denver, CO  80247 Here’s her Flickr page for just a sample of the goods
-The Aurora Arts Festival’s theme this year is Recycle Upcycle! If you’re a crafter or artisan that uses recycled or upcycled materials, this is the party for you! Hit up their website for info! But do it fast! They have limited spaces for you darlings!
-My amazing friend Kelli from Bitter O’Clock has an e-book for crafty types called, “Tax Tips for Crafty Businesses”.
If you need some help, take a peek here and then shower Kelli with love because she’s offering it FOR FREE!
-Looks like they are still accepting folks for the Denver Mini Maker Faire – Hustle your bunz if you want in!
-This weekend at Share Denver there is all kinds of good stuff happening! Denver Craft Ninjas are teaching a paper marbling class and Risa is teaching a pearl and metal bracelet! Come hang out at Share Denver and learn something new for heaven’s sake! And next week there’s even more! Katrina’s The Art of Risottos, Gratins, & Classic Sauces, Pom Pom Mobiles with Lili, Melamine Bird Feeders with me (and I don’t even like birds!), Chainmail Amulet Bag with Risa, and Craft Your Blog with Sara from Meanest Look!
-How amazing is this art installation by Beili Liu? It’s called The Mending Project and it so stunning and overwhelming. 
Spring is here! FINALLY! And I’m feeling it! New inspiration, positivity, and an urge to create!
What’s floating your boat, Ninjas? Share in the comments or hit me up on Facebook and fill me in!

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Crafty Goods 3/7/2014

From time to time, I’d like to share cool crafty stuff I find floating around on the internet or happening in our amazing city!

Here’s some goodies that I think you’ll like:

-The date is set for Denver’s Handmade Homemade Spring Market!
Follow this link to explore their website and pencil April 12th on your calendar!

-Martha Stewart did an amazing AMA on reddit! Check the results here.

-Quilter Mike McNamara talks about his first sewing machine and his tribute to Harvey Milk courtesy of Westword.

-My friend Kelli from Bitter O’Clock shared this super fun and community focused Kickstarter for Make Your Thing in Los Angeles, CA. The speakers are phenomenal and this one is worth a road trip! What do you say, Ninjas?!

-Share Denver’s weekend classes include Seed Bombs and Self Hypnosis for Creativity. It’s eclectic and that’s just how I like it!

-Vintage Renewal will be purging a ton of their one-of-kind vintage fabric and you can get in on the fun! As if your stash isn’t big enough!
Click here for details!

-And finally, this amazing post about reinventing yourself from James Altucher.

Have a great weekend! And if you’re working on something crafty, SHARE IT! I wanna know what you’re up to!


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Clean & Organized Craft Space

Making a Mess

It is my humble opinion that you’re not crafting unless you’re making a holy nightmare of a mess!
But I will concede that there are ways to keep your work space clean and organized as you craft.
The endlessly smart people at Apartment Therapy  shared a list of ways to keep your mess managed and help you keep your sanity whilst in the midst of creating!

Do you have any tried and true methods for handling the inevitable craft detritus that comes with your projects?
Share your process in the comments!

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Crafted Clutter

Crafted Clutter
Hey! I’m super excited to have collaborated with 5280 Magazine on their March issue and helped with some projects that utilize materials that live in your basement or garage. You know, the stuff you’ve been ignoring!

Go to your local bookstore, magazine kiosk, or wherever and grab a copy! Or hit up this link to take a peek at the article online.
And then try these projects for yourself…or do something entirely different with similar materials. Either way, share your pics!
Thanks to 5280 Magazine for the cool opportunity!

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