Fresh Start!

Denver Craft Ninjas has changed. It’s not that I wanted it to change. It wasn’t planned. But sometimes you want to believe you can do it all. That’s what I’ve been trying to do since Share Denver opened.
Owning a business, having a business partner – it’s a lot. A lot more concerns, worry and struggle than just a monthly craft group meet up. It’s hard. Sometimes your dreams come true and then you have to come to terms with what that really means.
It means work and making it work. It means letting go of things you loved to put your intention and focus into something bigger and scarier and more awesome.


Denver Craft Ninjas is still alive! We’re still doing our monthly events…except now, it’s at Share Denver.
Three Kings is and was awesome, but it was the basement of a bar. And schlepping materials and supplies was hard work for a team of one. Now, everything is in one place. One sunny, fun, inspiring place!

Take some time to visit us at Share Denver and learn about all the cool workshops that are happening there.

I’ve been considering updating this blog and determining what I wanted next for this space on the internet where great crafty things have happened.
Denver Craft Ninjas will continue to offer our monthly get-togethers. We’ll still swill mimosas, talk garbage, and get glue and glitter on our faces, but this blog is going to be so much more than that.
Denver is such an inspiring place! There’s so much going on with our friends, our community, and I want this spot to be a place where you can learn about it all.

I’ll be updating with craft projects, cool events around Denver, markets & fairs, and notable people in the community that make Denver’s creative community one of the best in the world!

Stay tuned for what is to come and feel free to contact me if you’d like to get involved, share ideas, or get crafty with us!

Denver Craft Ninjas – Ninja-in-Chief


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Holiday Craft Supply Swap!

Supply Swap

We know you have a craft stash. We all do! And a lot of it…we’re probably not going to use.
So, we’re encouraging you to go through it and freshen it up at our first ever Holiday Craft Supply Swap!

All the details are above, but let’s talk about some of the best parts of this event:
-Cleaning out your stash! You know you need too!
-Getting new stuff to help strategize your holiday crafting!
-It’s all for a good cause! Share Denver has teamed up with arc Thrift Stores and all remaining swap items and any proceeds go directly to them!
-SCISSOR SHARPENING! How many pairs of scissors do you curse while cutting out fabric for a quilt? Did your kids use your embroidery snippers? Randy’s Scissor Sharpening will be at the ready to help get your scissor game sharp!
-Mikes2Kitchen will slangin’ delicious grub along with all the other tasty stuff happening on Fairfax (Latke LoveEis GelatoCamino Coffee)!

It’s going to be a great time and we’d love for you to join us!
So, start going through your stash! Let’s swap!

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DIY Halloween Headbands with arc Thrift Stores

arc Thrift Store Blog


Know what’s fun?
Getting together with your friends (at Share Denver) and DIYing your buns off!

Thankfully, my friends Shaun and Amber are always game to do something fun! And I’m always appreciative of their creativity and skill.
This time, we got together for a great opportunity to be the first guest blogger on the arc Thrift Stores new blog!

Click here for a super easy and fun couple of DIY Halloween Headband projects!

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4th Annual Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls


Holy moly, Ninjas! It’s the 4th Annual Denver Craft Ninjas Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls! And we’re so proud to be offering it at Share Denver!!

Denver Craft Ninjas is proud to offer this super fun event again this year! Dia de los Muertos, usually celebrated on November 2nd, is a day to honor those who have passed on before us. We want to be a part of your celebration and get crafty together!

Here’s the deal: We’re cranking out, assembly line style, a pile of sugar skulls – we’ll bring them to you and you will, in turn, decorate the skulls (with royal icing, feathers, flowers, glitter, etc.) and take them home to decorate your space, place on the grave of a beloved friend or family member, or create a Dia de los Muertos altar!

We’re hand making the skulls ahead of time and want to make enough for everyone! Click here to grab your spot!

1-5 PM at Share Denver – feel free to drop by during that time. Costumes encouraged! KIDDOS WELCOME!
We’re so proud to offer this event and hope that you’ll bring your friends and family for an afternoon of decorating and celebrating!
What’s included: Sugar skulls – 2 per person (1 large & 1 medium sized), royal icing, decorations, and tools, etc
What to bring: You and yours! If you would like to bring a snack or drink (alcohol allowed), please do!

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Denver Craft Ninjas Pop-Up

Hooked On Colfax Pop Up

We know we’ve been a bit quiet! But it’s for good reasons! Great reasons, really!
Share Denver is growing and becoming more lovely and amazing by the day! Classes almost daily, new teachers every month, and tons of cool plans for the future!
You want to get involved, I promise! Hit up their website, follow them on Twitter, and like them on Facebook!

Still, we miss you, Ninjas! More than we can express!
And when our friends Hooked on Colfax asked us to host a little pop-up craft at their amazing coffee shop…we couldn’t say no.

We’ll be at Hooked on Colfax this Sunday from 10 AM – 2 PM with a fun, simple project!
Join us and don’t forget to bring a a couple dollars for your project ($2.00 – it’s a steal) and some money for one of Hooked on Colfax’s divine drinks! And they’ve got a little bit of everything – from a latte to a bloody mary and more!

We hope we’ll see you on Sunday!

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Denver Craft Ninjas vs. Bottle & Bottega

Is there a difference between crafter and artist? Should there be?
I’m going to argue that there isn’t a difference.

I’ll admit, I’ve been one to dismiss my own artistic endeavors, preferring to call myself a crafter, because it seems less serious and highbrow.
I’m sure there are “artists” out there that balk at crafters and their output – but I’d argue that there is precisely as much soulful effort and skill in appliqueing or jewelry making as there is in blending paint colors on a canvas or bending steel into sculpture.
Comparing the two is silly! And letting the two worlds merge is the only way to make crafters feel like artists and remind artists that they’re crafters!

Bottle & Bottega

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