Here’s why you should practice golf indoors

Beginner golfers are often curious about what to do in order to improve their game. Many people recommend taking golf lessons, which, without a doubt, is effective, but i don’t think lessons alone will suffice. The only way to get true knowledge, or what they call a muscle memory, is to play the game itself. In this post, i wanted to discuss why i think that practice should take place indoors rather than outdoors. My opinion is based on my experience of practicing golf both outdoors and indoors, and i hope i’ll manage to convince you in rightfulness of my opinion.

Going out to the golf course, visiting outdoor range and hitting balls there over and over might seem like productive way to improve your golf skills, but i think that’s just an illusion. Driving ranges are alright in the beginning, but they alone can’t improve your skills enough. Plus, the way of measuring how you’re doing on the driving range is just plain awkward. First of all, it’s not very accurate, and second of all, it takes too much time and there are too many risks involved for it to be comfortable. Courses also don’t offer very large selection of golf balls and the ones they offer are subpar at best. They are designed to withstand lots of hits by the clubs, but to really get the feel of how well golf clubs work, you need to have balls that you’re comfortable playing with. Because of all these reasons, i strongly prefer practice-swinging my driver indoors, and always recommend beginners to do the same.

The main reason for why i love indoor simulators so much is that they give you exact results right away. I think instant feedback is crucial for learning anything, not just golf. They also give you other helpful information, like what trajectory did the golf ball take, and whether you sliced your shots or they went well. Slicing is common problem of mine, and i just discovered effective way to deal with it. It was by getting myself Callaway Rogue Draw, one of the best drivers to fix slice, according to this guide. Let’s get back to topic of practicing golf though. I think this feature of instant feedback is the best thing about indoor simulators, because it allows you to change your game to fix your mistakes and emphasize your strengths even more.

I think reasons i’ve laid out are enough to never go to outdoors driving range again, but if you’re still not convinced, let me remind you how hot it is outdoors during the summers and how sweaty most of us tend to get after hitting balls on the course. When practicing indoors, you can enjoy AC and other comforts modern technology offers. One of those comforts for me is calm, relaxing music playing in the background.  Being sweaty isn’t bad aesthetically, it is also ineffective and often gets in the way of learning. Playing indoors, on the other hand, allows you to be calm and relaxed, which means that you can be focused on doing your best in your golf practice and retain most of what you’ve learned. Plus, you can often get indoor simulators to be private and when you’re introvert like myself, being away from judging crowds that you find on golf course really helps 99% of the time. Private practice indoors might cost a bit more, but personally, whenever available, i always choose to pay a little bit extra for such huge comfort. Even if it’s not private, indoor practicing centers are much more relaxing than outdoors. I think that’s extremely important because right mental attitude is important both for playing golf well and for learning based on your experience. Food and drinks are usually much better indoors as well, so you can fully enjoy yourself while playing golf.

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