What golf clubs should you use in different spots

If you are beginner in golf or have the goal to become professional player picking right golf club is very important. You can make it faster to improve all aspects of game, if you know exact golf club to use.

Determining the different types of golf clubs each golfer must have in the package. Normal golf club contains various clubs. Irons, woods, hybrids and many others are clubs, you must have in your set. You choose clubs rely on your playing style and level of experience. Also, to know the average distance you archive with specific golf club is great for improving skills. If you take into account this suggestion, it may help you to accelerate progress. If you’re a woman, you can find a list of best women’s golf clubs here.

Drivers are primarily big and long-shafted clubs, which are great to push the ball fairway from the tee. This creates full ball height and reduces side spins for straighter golf shots to a minimum. Drivers have the least height among the wooden clubs.

Irons are useful for shorter distances. Irons(and other clubs) get their name from the substance they are mostly made of. Iron has thin and grooved head, that is very important for you to improve your golf. Also, iron styles are very good for beginners to start with. Irons are stronger than woods, so they can take the ball longer. There are different types of irons available. It differs from 1 to 9 irons and they have different strengths.

Woods helps you to improve the accuracy of your shots. Its name come from the head of club, which is made out of wood. But some new models are made of metals like steel and titanium. Woods’ head are round and wide with a flat base and its good to slide the ball above the ground. Wood loft depends on number of a wood, higher it is, more strength it has.

The putters are great aids for practice, its mostly used for the surface around the green. They have flatter heads and there are different types of putters which differ by size. So, you have to chose the putter by your playing style. If you want to improve your putting skills putters are very useful for you. They are very good to hit the ball low on the green. Putter is used for short, low-speed shots. There are many different types of putters available in the store.

Wedges are great for send the ball in flight high enough to drop down the fairway.  There are different wedges types and each of them are used for different shots. For example, pitch wedge is mostly used for shots when its about 120-130 yards distance to cover. Pitching wedges are usually come with a golf set.

Wedges have more loft than other clubs and as it was in other clubs’ cases, it differs by the kind of shot you want to make.

There are clubs named hybrids which are mix of different types of clubs. Hybrid is mixture of wood to cover the longer distances and iron have improves mechanics. Since hybrids are very easy to hit, most golfers replace long irons by them.

After you have got to know which golf club is perfect for your style. Next step is to use some aids like Golf Swing Right now, which is very useful for many aspects of game. You can improve shot accuracy, timing and many other skills by it. Practice with it every day for less than 5 minutes from your comfort zone, I mean home or office. You will see result of practice very soon.
In the start, You have to learn the basics of the game and then put the courage in practice to improve different aspects of game.

How many hybrids should you carry?

Among the largest changes in the area of golf equipment during the previous ten years or so is that the fast expanding popularity of hybrid clubs. Now, if you should explore the bag of almost any arbitrary Tour player, you’d likely see a minumum of one hybrid . It’s safe to state that hybrid clubs have become an essential component of the golf arena, and they’ll probably stay there for several years to come.

As the title would imply, they unite a number of the best components from the fairway woods and long irons. Fairway woods are very popular as they’re rather easy to strike, and will carry long distances. Long irons are very popular for its controller and reduced ball flight they generally offer you the player. At a hybrid , it is possible to combine many — or all of these benefits without needing to take care of the pitfalls that both fairway woods and long irons include.

Good thing about buying golf club sets is that golf club makers have pretty good idea of how to balance golf clubs in the bag. My favorite is Callaway Strata. You can read strata golf club reviews on GolfClubsGuru.

Obviously, you need to determine which clubs or club you’re likely to sacrifice so as to generate space for a hybrid vehicle or even two. You most likely already take 14 clubs in your bag, that’s the limit permitted under the rules of golfing clubs. That means, should you want to put in a hybridvehicle, something else must go. Obviously you may look to get rid of a fairway wood or a long iron to generate space, but choosing exactly which can be somewhat tricky. In the long run, you wish to get left with a pair of clubs which will provide you the best opportunity to manage the challenges you experience on the program. You do not need to stumble upon a challenging shot on the path just to discover that you don’t have the correct club in your luggage to your occupation. Assembling a comprehensive collection, including hybrids, needs some forethought and special consideration to the sort of player that you’re.

The procedure for determining just how many hybrid golf clubs you will carry does not need to be complex, but it is going to take just a small bit of time to research your game and place places on the path where a hybrid could be convenient. When you assess the condition of your present set of clubs, then it must quickly become evident in which a hybrid vehicle would fit in the mix.

Any golf education contained under is written from the point of view of a ideal handed golfer. If you’re a left handed player, make sure you undo the instructions as essential.

Before you kick at least one of your present clubs from your luggage in favour of a hybrid, you have to understand precisely what every one of those clubs is performing for you right now. As you may believe you understand the abilities of all your clubs, it’s ideal to work through this process only to be certain. You might wind up being amazed at which clubs are not as much aid as you thought they were.

To begin, create a list of those 13 full-swing clubs which you take on your luggage (not counting the putter). Evidently, your driver is not going anywhere, so that’s just another one you are likely able to cross off the record right from the beginning. Now, over the span of the following few rounds of golf, then take note of the space which you hit every shot throughout the round, alongside the club which was utilized. You may quickly mark this info in your scorecard because you perform. After a couple rounds have gone , you need to have a very clear image of your anticipated distance for all the 12 clubs in query.

As you examine this information, start looking for a slow development of spaces through the tote. Likewise, if you’re able to reach on your pitching wedge 110 yards, then you need to be hitting the gap wedge around 100 yards. Ideally, you will realize an even improvement from 1 club to another all the way through the chunk. In fact, however, there are most likely a few places on your luggage in which you’ve got a few clubs moving nearly the specific same space.

This is most-common using the long irons. Many amateurs, even after finishing this procedure, will discover that they reach on their three and four irons nearly the specific same space. That’s an issue. Why use two slots on your golf bag on clubs which go the exact same distance? You would like to benefit from each club the rules of golf permit you to have. When two clubs move about the exact same space that means that among these may want to go away.

You’re most likely to detect this issue not just in your long irons, but on your hands too. Commonly, amateur gamers will strike on their pitching wedge and gap wedge inside only a couple of yards of one another. A difference of five yards or so is not sufficient to warrant carrying two distinct wedges for that space range. One of these boosters should be lost, and you’ll be able to learn how to pay each one the distances inside that array by simply practicing the rate control on your swing.

Work through the procedure described above and have a careful look in the own results. If you realize you have at least two clubs which are serving essentially the exact same function on your luggage, these clubs will be prime candidates to be eliminated in favor of a hybrid .

To be able to warrant making a gear change of any sort, you need to have a particular problem which you’re working to fix. As it pertains to incorporating a hybrid , what’s the issue you will need to repair? Just once you’re able to answer this question will you manage to pick out just the correct hybrid to address your issue.

Below are a couple of of the usual complaints which amateur golfers have about the shots they struck with their lengthy clubs. Review the list and see whether any of these apply to your own game.

When it’s going to always be more difficult to reach your clubs directly than your brief clubs, you still wish a degree of control over the fairway woods and long irons so that you may set them in play on a constant basis. Your swing decides where the ball ends up going, but shifting to a hybrid could make it a bit simpler for you to create a precise swing which sends the ball straight down the center.

Not large enough. Another issue which the typical golfer confronts is not having the ability to receive their long shots large enough up to the atmosphere. After the ball remains too low into the floor, it’s hard — or impossible — to control when it lands. Hybrid clubs have been made in such a manner that they’ll almost always be much easier to get up into the atmosphere when compared with a traditional long iron.

Cant struck them from the turf. If you’d like to choose a level five green in 2 shots, then you’ll have to have the ability to reach those clubs off the floor with confidence. Similarly, long clubs are usually required from the fairway when enjoying a very long par four. Hybrid clubs are often easier to hit right off the floor due to the way in which they are designed.

What do you enjoy about these shots, and what exactly do you wish you can alter? Most probably, the answers to these questions will differ to your fairway woods when compared with long irons. Most golfers don’t have any trouble becoming up the woods off the floor, but control is frequently an issue. On the flip side, you may have the ability to hit your irons directly — but that’s just once you hit them well enough for the ball into the atmosphere. A hybrid might have the ability to supply you the very best of the two worlds.

It’s important at this stage to generate a clear differentiation between the constraints of your equipment as well as also the limits of your swing. Finding some hybrid clubs is not likely to fix your swing flaws, and you should not expect to strike radically different shots by simply buying a few hybrids. A terrible swing is a terrible swing, and no club will fix it. If you’re hitting iron shots , as an instance, and not getting the type of flight you would like, that’s an integral indication that it could be time to get a club alter.


Here’s why you should practice golf indoors

Beginner golfers are often curious about what to do in order to improve their game. Many people recommend taking golf lessons, which, without a doubt, is effective, but i don’t think lessons alone will suffice. The only way to get true knowledge, or what they call a muscle memory, is to play the game itself. In this post, i wanted to discuss why i think that practice should take place indoors rather than outdoors. My opinion is based on my experience of practicing golf both outdoors and indoors, and i hope i’ll manage to convince you in rightfulness of my opinion.

Going out to the golf course, visiting outdoor range and hitting balls there over and over might seem like productive way to improve your golf skills, but i think that’s just an illusion. Driving ranges are alright in the beginning, but they alone can’t improve your skills enough. Plus, the way of measuring how you’re doing on the driving range is just plain awkward. First of all, it’s not very accurate, and second of all, it takes too much time and there are too many risks involved for it to be comfortable. Courses also don’t offer very large selection of golf balls and the ones they offer are subpar at best. They are designed to withstand lots of hits by the clubs, but to really get the feel of how well golf clubs work, you need to have balls that you’re comfortable playing with. Because of all these reasons, i strongly prefer practice-swinging my driver indoors, and always recommend beginners to do the same.

The main reason for why i love indoor simulators so much is that they give you exact results right away. I think instant feedback is crucial for learning anything, not just golf. They also give you other helpful information, like what trajectory did the golf ball take, and whether you sliced your shots or they went well. Slicing is common problem of mine, and i just discovered effective way to deal with it. It was by getting myself Callaway Rogue Draw, one of the best drivers to fix slice, according to this guide. Let’s get back to topic of practicing golf though. I think this feature of instant feedback is the best thing about indoor simulators, because it allows you to change your game to fix your mistakes and emphasize your strengths even more.

I think reasons i’ve laid out are enough to never go to outdoors driving range again, but if you’re still not convinced, let me remind you how hot it is outdoors during the summers and how sweaty most of us tend to get after hitting balls on the course. When practicing indoors, you can enjoy AC and other comforts modern technology offers. One of those comforts for me is calm, relaxing music playing in the background.  Being sweaty isn’t bad aesthetically, it is also ineffective and often gets in the way of learning. Playing indoors, on the other hand, allows you to be calm and relaxed, which means that you can be focused on doing your best in your golf practice and retain most of what you’ve learned. Plus, you can often get indoor simulators to be private and when you’re introvert like myself, being away from judging crowds that you find on golf course really helps 99% of the time. Private practice indoors might cost a bit more, but personally, whenever available, i always choose to pay a little bit extra for such huge comfort. Even if it’s not private, indoor practicing centers are much more relaxing than outdoors. I think that’s extremely important because right mental attitude is important both for playing golf well and for learning based on your experience. Food and drinks are usually much better indoors as well, so you can fully enjoy yourself while playing golf.

How to pack for different seasons when you’re hiking

At the point when the stop of winter extricates its grasp and clears a path for hotter climate, you’ll need to be prepared to bounce directly once more into the open air experiences you’ve ached for since the principal ice.

The expression “three-season” is utilized to depict climbing and outdoors gear reasonable for most settings other than extreme winter climate. Ordinarily, the most reduced temperature that three-season apparatus ought to be utilized is around 20 degrees, or basically any temperatures that can fall underneath solidifying without being deplorably cold.

It may be seen as a test to discover gear that can proficiently perform in the stormy mornings of spring, sweltering long stretches of summer and energetic nights of fall. By understanding your methodology, be that as it may, and by knowing which things are necessities, you’ll be telling trails and ways from the last snowflake to the first.

When you’re hunting down attire that can perform in pretty much any condition, the most ideal approach to battle the components is by layering. For baselayers, search for apparel that highlights breathable, dampness wicking abilities. Maintain a strategic distance from cotton no matter what, on the grounds that while it may be agreeable, it can rapidly turn into an irritation on the trail.

Focus on climate forecasts for your day’s climb and dress in lightweight, breathable attire with capable dampness wicking and warm abilities. Pack additional baselayers, alongside a difference in climbing socks, and other outerwear like downpour pants and a downpour coat. Stormy conditions can happen regardless of what season you’re in, so having that security in your pack consistently is a smart thought. For more data on finding the correct overcoat for your necessities, look at this Pro Tip.

Some early springtime climbs could even incorporate some snow as the climate keeps on changing, so decide on footwear with a rough track worked to perform on an assortment of surfaces. You can likewise search for waterproof gaiters that can help shield your shins from the conditions and help keep your footwear significantly progressively shielded from the components.

Buying golf clubs online vs offline


Just 20 years ago, most golfers wouldn’t have an option of choosing between buying golf clubs online and offline. Luckily, now they v  do, and the existence of that option has led both – online and offline retailers – to step up their game and improve their service as best as they can. Amazon has been great innovator in selling golf clubs online, but some online stores are doing it even better than them. To be precise, i’m talking about GlobalGolf, my favorite online retailer. I’ll discuss the reasons for why i like GlobalGolf so much later, but now, let’s suffice with saying that in my opinion, they are more organized, trustworthy and reasonable with their prices than most other online retailers that sell golf gear. I bought putter from GlobalGolf recently. I read this review of women’s putters to get better understanding of my options, and then ordered user women’s putter online. I must say, it was probably one of the best decisions i made in terms of buying golf gear.

When it comes to prices, the difference between online stores and your local golf stores probably won’t be a deciding factor. It is more of a question of convenience, trust and physical ability to check the clubs, that differentiates these two options. No one can possibly know objective answer to which one will work better for you, because that depends entirely on your preferences. For example, when it comes to used golf clubs, one of the biggest advantages that shopping on internet has, is its wide pool of options. There are just many more used golf clubs for sale, so chances of finding rare gem are that much higher. When visiting your local sporting goods retailer or a garage sale, you are limited in the options. New golf clubs, on the other hand, tend to be somewhat evenly matched. True, superior logistics of Amazon allows them to have more golf clubs in stock, but because of large physical size of those golf clubs, they still can’t overwhelm the traditional distribution systems that local golf stores use.

Now let’s get to discussing individual destinations for golf club shopping. When buying anything used, craigslist is the first that comes to mind, and for a good reason. It has probably the biggest selection of used golf clubs. It also doesn’t do much in terms of verifying sellers and buyers, so it’s listings there are less organized. That’s not to say that you can’t find great deal on craigslist, quite contrary. You’re most likely to get a great bargain on golf clubs there, but you’re just as likely to end up scammed. So shop on craigslist with caution.

eBay is more organized version of craigslist. On there, you have seller ratings and other protections like eBay guarantee for buyers. That makes it safer to buy used golf clubs on eBay’s marketplace. Unlike Craigslist, they also offer newer golf clubs, but prices on those, while good, can’t compete with those of new golf clubs on Amazon.

Amazon is definitely one of the best places to buy new golf clubs online. They have quite fair selection of used golf clubs as well, but it’s still somewhat limited to newer models and certain brands are excluded as well.

As i think i’ve mentioned before, GlobalGolf is my favorite of them all, to buy both – new and used golf clubs. I’ve been buying from them for the past 4 years, and never had any problems with either used or new golf clubs.

When it comes to buying golf clubs offline, it’s probably common sense to head over to your local golf store and check out what they have to offer. I often get surprised looks when i tell people that i like checking out golf clubs at Walmart. Everyone assumes their store brand golf clubs are terrible, but i’ve had the opportunity and try them out and for the price, they are actually quite amazing. If you’re a beginner golfer just getting started in this game, Walmart golf clubs should be more than enough to last you for first few years of golfing.

Do game improvement irons actually improve your game?

There is diversity of thought among golfers about true effects of game improvement irons. Some are skeptical about their utility, while others think that they are the best thing that has ever happened to golf. Obviously neither of these two extremes is exactly accurate, but still, the question of the extent to which game improvement irons actually improve our game still stands. By the way, game improvement club is just another name for a forgiving club, and extremely forgiving clubs are called super game improvement clubs. In the past, these sorts of clubs used to be popular only among beginners, but because of the fact that pro golfers started using them on tournaments, many experienced golfers are switching to game improvement irons now. But i think it would be fair to note that professional golfers aren’t altruistic about which golf clubs they’ll play with. They take in huge advertising fees to play with certain types and brands of golf clubs, so it is possible that their choices are influenced by this. The process of choosing game improvement irons for beginners is quite different from that of choosing clubs for experienced golfers. I won’t get into the intricacies of choosing forgiving irons here, but if you’re interested, you might find this tutorial helpful.

Few studies have been conducted to measure just how big of an impact game improvement irons have on your ultimate result. The findings aren’t very clearly correlated with research, because there are many factors that might influence the distance that your ball covers. So we can’t exactly pin down how much impact super game improvement irons have. Among golf experts, it is generally believed that because of lack of experience, beginners benefit from using game improvement irons much more significantly than experienced golfers do. Because of this, professional golfers tend to prefer using irons that are not designed to be forgiving. They have the skill set necessary to make pure strikes, so they have little use for forgiveness offered by game-improvement clubs. That forgiveness often comes at the cost of accuracy, so if you’re getting no benefit from it, because you don’t make any mistakes anyway, it actually becomes hindrance rather than help.

It also seems like your muscles get used to playing with certain type of club, and switching from regular irons to extremely forgiving ones isn’t easy. That same research has shown that it took golfers at least few months to reach the results they had before switching to different type of iron.

When comparing game-improvement irons to blades, we should also consider price. The former tend to be more expensive than the latter. Lately, more and more golf manufacturers have started making game improvement irons and fewer and fewer are sticking with old fashioned concept of blades. I think that just like hybrids, game improvement irons are better suited for mass-market, so brands are prioritizing them over blades, which is a shame. Personally, i prefer forgiving irons myself, as i don’t have years of experience, but i know a lot of people who’ve had great experience playing with blades. It just requires golf lessons, a lot of practice and years of experience to master the art of hitting regular irons properly. Still, i think at the end of the day, it’s a skill worth learning. After all, game improvement irons might fix your results, but they won’t cure your slices or other problems you might have with your swing. That’s why i try to play with clubs that are forgiving, but not too much so.


Different types of clubs – overview

With myriad of rules and tips to follow, golf is certainly hard sport to learn. It is even harder to learn how to play it properly. With that in mind, for beginners, one of the most confusing things about golf is the golf club set. It can be intimidating to remember what five and more different kinds of clubs are each supposed to do and when is the best time to use them. Pros usually play with around 14 clubs, most of them being irons and woods. Then there are different types of woods and irons on their own. Because of this confusion, i wanted to write a tutorial that would explain simply – what are different types of clubs, when they are supposed to be used and how.


I’d say that woods are most important part of your golf club set, because they’re the first clubs you use and not having good woods or not hitting them properly can be devastating for your end results. Driver which is undoubtedly most important single golf club in your bag, while having different name and being different in a lot of ways from other woods, is still technically a wood. Learning how to properly swing woods isn’t easy, but it’s not as hard as in case of irons (and especially long irons). They were first called “woods” because in the past, when the golf club manufacturing technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, their clubheads used to be made of wood. That is no longer the case, but the name stuck and we still call these clubs woods today. Woods are designed to make your golf ball cover longest distance possible, sometimes at the cost of accuracy. To achieve this, manufacturers usually make woods with hollow heads.


In terms of being the most important, irons are definitely close runner-ups to the woods. Some would argue that they are in fact most important parts of any golf club bag and they wouldn’t be that far off. Learning curve of hitting golf irons properly is pretty steep, so beginners often substitute these clubs with hybrids, a type of golf clubs that we’ll discuss in detail later. Clubheads of irons are usually smaller in size, and designed to cover shorter distances, but more accurate. Based on this, you can probably tell why it is useful to have both – woods and irons – in your bag. In terms of composition, clubheads of irons vary, most having solid club heads but some – not. Wedges can be considered their own type of club, as well as sub-category of irons, but they aren’t as important as other, so i’ll lump them in with irons. They are usually used when you’re in rough spots and want to get the ball out in the clear.


This is newest type of golf clubs and it’s incredibly popular, while still rising in popularity. As we’ve mentioned before, irons are somewhat difficult to properly hit, so hybrids were made as easier alternative to them. TaylorMade has first introduced them in early 2000s, and hybrids became instant hits with beginners and intermediate golfers(more about golf clubs for intermediate golfers here).When making hybrids, designers usually mix the features of woods and irons, which is why these clubs are called hybrids. Because of their forgiving nature, the latter find hybrids to be very easy to hit. Most hybrids are substitutes for long irons, which are the hardest to hit, but hybrids’ uses are not limited to that. A lot of golfer use hybrids as replacements for fairway woods as well. Hybrids are numbered depending on their length, loft and shaft, so it’s easier to tell which golf irons they’re supposed to replace in the bag.


These are simplest, yet one of the most important golf clubs that you can use. They are specifically used for the last shot to finally deliver golf ball into the hole. Because of that, it is crucially important for putters to be very accurate. It doesn’t take much practice to hit putters properly, as there’s not much of a swing involved, but experience does help a lot in mastering the art of hitting them.

Are new golf clubs helping golfers in getting better?

As much as golf club manufacturers would love to have us believe that their clubs are making golfers better, data and research show quite the opposite. While it is true that professionals scores have significantly improved since the introduction of new clubs, the same can not be said for casual golfers. Numbers show that average golfers’ scores are not actually increasing. Seniors, women and other smaller categories are no exception. The only ones who seem to be benefiting, both practically and materially, from these new clubs, seem to be the professionals. This naturally raises a question, if all of this is true, then why do we even need these new clubs? Maybe releasing new clubs is just the way golf manufacturers try to stay relevant and it doesn’t have positive impact on golfers at all. These are all very plausible scenarios.

In my personal opinion, new golf clubs aren’t waste of resources. They do actually help people, and it’s the people who go about using them in wrong way that results in disappointing outcomes. People pay more attention to the cost and luxurious look of the new clubs than their actual merits. They also don’t take their time in choosing golf clubs properly and end up with ill-fitting clubs that perform nothing like the golfer expects them to. In actuality, properly fitted regular golf club will help you way more than super expensive, but ill-fitting golf club ever could. This effect is further exacerbated in the case of drivers. That type of club is especially difficult to hit properly, even more so if you have ill-fitting driver.

21st century saw many innovations in how golf clubs are made. Invention of hybrids, rescue clubs and mini drivers are particularly noteworthy to me. I have played golf before invention of rescue clubs and after, and i can definitely promise you that my favorite club in my bag is a rescue club. They are very useful in very different aspects of the game, which is why i’m eternally grateful to TaylorMade researchers who invented them. It must also be underlined that choosing good rescue club is no easy task. If you think you need some help with that, reading this GCG article on choosing rescue clubs should be enough.

If you ask me, the best way for any golfer to improve is by taking golf lessons. The second best way is to just get something, go out on the course, and play their hearts out. Golf lessons is superior because experience alone can’t teach you the techniques you need to know to play golf properly. For example, you need to know how to properly swing a golf club, and trial alone can’t teach you that. On the other hand, you shouldn’t extend your training too much. After few golf lessons, i’ve found that it’s best to just go out and play on the course. As a wise man once said, you are what you do. That’s why the only way to truly improve your golf game is to play it a lot. First few months will probably be filled with failures and constant mistakes, but it will pass.

That is not to say that new technology in golf is entirely useless in its task of helping golfers get better results. Many experts agree that newer golf clubs do improve our performance, but only by a little bit. Their effect on overall results is embellished by marketing campaigns they put out as well as statements from professionals that we all love. That’s why their effectiveness is overrated and people have false perceptions when it comes to golf clubs improving their game. Despite all that, it must be noted that with proper fitting and good research, new golf drivers can help your game by a long shot. You just have to identify weak points in your golf game and try to look for golf clubs that offset those weaknesses. To sum it all up, we can say with confidence that technology is pushing the limits of what it can do to improve the overall performance of golfers, beginners, intermediates and experts alike. We have to help it by knowing which golf clubs we need and why.

Hybrids Vs Fairway Woods

Hybrids have been first created by TaylorMade about fifteen years ago. Since then, they have come a long way both in terms of popularity and performance. Most golfers now have at least one hybrid in their bag, with beginners being particularly enthusiastic about them. That may be because of the ease of use that hybrids naturally have. They are much easier to swing than traditional long irons and because of that, most high handicapper beginners now use hybrids instead of them. It must also be stressed that hybrids are capable of replacing fairway woods as well. They are very flexible in how they can be used, which is why another name for hybrids is utility club. Just because of their versatility, not to mention being easy to hit, even professionals are now embracing hybrid clubs and have at least one with them during tournaments. Just like other types of clubs, hybrid are made for both  – left handed and right handed players. So if you’re a southpaw and a beginner, one of the clubs from this list of recommended left handed clubs should suit you just fine. 

We’ve covered why and how hybrids displaced long irons (at least for most people), but we haven’t said enough about why people use them in place of fairway woods. Well, the answer is simple and similar to the case with long irons – fairway woods are much harder to swing than hybrids. With proper training, hybrids can be used as excellent alternatives to fairway woods as well. Hybrids particularly excel at giving your shot high launch. They encourage high launch shots by having center of gravity much lower than fairway wood clubheads usually do. That, along with few other design tweaks, makes ensures forgiveness that most hybrid golf clubs are famous for. Biggest difference between the way 3-woods and hybrids operate, is the way they are swung. There are specific approaches to swinging both clubs, and while being beyond the scope of this article, it’s definitely worth reading about.

Except for all the reasons being listed above, there is one more advantage that hybrids have over standard fairway woods. That is, their versatility when it comes to playing out of roughs. Hybrids will allow you to make decent shot even from the worst of the positions. If you’re stuck in light rough though, it depends on the situation, sometimes fairway woods may be favorable choice. It mostly comes down to the size of the grass on the terrain. When a ball is situated by the long grass, it becomes very hard to reach for standard fairway wood. On the other hand, it is easily accessible for hybrid’s stronger and more concentrated clubhead. I recommend using hybrids if your ball lands on the fairway bunker as well.

At the end of the day, i think the decision to use hybrids or fairway woods is made based on personal preference. Some people like the control that hybrids provide, while others prefer to stick with fairway woods, which tend to give players more distance.

Hybrids vs Irons – Flaws and Advantages of Each

Since their introduction about a decade ago, hybrids have become supremely popular among golfers and for a good reason. There is substantial proof that hybrids are actually capable of increasing your distance and are much easier to hit than golf irons. Because of this forgiveness, beginners liked hybrids instantly, and they were the first to really use them in practice. But as the time passed, even amateur and experienced golfers started to hop on the hybrid bandwagon. This motivated golf club manufacturers to make them even better, which further increased their popularity. That’s how we got to hybrids now being preferred over irons of the same range. This is generalization of course. There are plenty of golfers who stick with long irons and refuse to get the hybrids, most of them being professional golfers. Among beginner golfers and in general those with high handicap, hybrids are undeniably king of the hill. They are also superior when it comes to hitting the ball out of the rough. That’s why most golfers are carrying at least one hybrid with them now. That includes professional golfers as well. Golf is very competitive game and one that requires analysis of the situation as well as physical skills to do what you have in mind. That’s why having even the slightest edge over the competition is crucial and hybrid golf clubs provide just that – edge.

One more advantage that the hybrids have over long irons is that they tend to be more adjustable, so any player is able to adjust them to meet their needs perfectly.

Why are hybrids so much better?

There are many factors and features that contribute to hybrids’ success, but most of it has to do with their clubhead design. In general, beginners struggle with long irons a lot because their swing speeds aren’t as fast as those of pros. Hybrids, on the other hand, have the kind of clubheads that have the best qualities of both – fairway woods and irons. Their weight positioning also allows hybrids to have center of weight that is located in back of the club head, thus encouraging high launch for the shots you hit with it. Long irons, with their center of gravity being closer to the clubface, aren’t capable of doing the same.

With all these advantages, you’d think that hybrids cost fortune. But surprisingly, they are quite cheap, sometimes even more so than traditional irons that they’re supposed to replace. So if hybrids are cheaper and better alternative to long irons, why don’t all golfers ditch irons for hybrids? Well, for once, there are certain situations in which irons prove to be superior. For example, if you are in good position and know how to swing long iron properly, you are likely to get more distance from it compared to a hybrid, That’s why most pros prefer to have both – long irons and hybrids – in their bags. Seniors usually have plenty of experience, so using irons is advantageous for them. If you need further advice, check out this tutorial about choosing irons for seniors

I am personally especially fond of hybrids made by TaylorMade and Callaway. The former is famous for making golf clubs that are good looking, functional and not overpriced. Hybrids are no exception. TaylorMade hybrids are one of the best in their class. Callaway hybrids, on the other hand, are on the pricier end of the spectrum, but still, their quality and craftsmanship makes them worth every penny. If i was looking for great hybrids as high handicapper, i would definitely go for the ones made by either one of these two.

Hybrids are very handy as they are, but if a hybrid’s design is actually well-thought of, it becomes inseparable part of your golf club set and if not your favorite, certainly one of the favorite clubs to play with. I know it did that for me.